End of wearing a mask in public transport from Saturday

End of wearing a mask on public transport as of Saturday


With the sanitary measures melting visibly, public transport users will be able to rejoice, since wearing a mask will no longer be required in the metro and buses as of Saturday. 

However, users can wear a face covering if they wish. “The decision to wear the mask, both in public places and on public transport, will remain a personal choice,” said the Minister of Health and Social Services, Christian Dubé, during the announcement on June 8. .

Note that wearing a mask remains mandatory in hospitals, CHSLDs, CLSCs and clinics.

It is also recommended for vulnerable people, such as the elderly or immunosuppressed, to continue to wear a face covering.

“In addition, people who have had COVID-19 must wear a mask during any social interaction for at least five days following their isolation at home. Those living with a person with COVID-19 must also wear it for 10 days”, also specified the Ministry of Health and Social Services.