Endless diet and burden backfired: what is left of the stunning Madonna

Бесконечные диеты и нагрузки аукнулись: что осталось от сногсшибательной Мадонны

At the time, the work of the singer Madonna was a breakthrough in the pop industry.

Rising stars tried in every way her equal.

Бесконечные диеты и нагрузки аукнулись: что осталось от сногсшибательной Мадонны


Wonderful vocal, show performances, and artist, who really laid out a real idol for many.

But time takes its toll, and Madonna is aging. From still not gone.

If earlier the singer boasted excellent form at the moment 60-year-old star almost never appears in public, hiding the body under the robes.

In 2017 on the show Live with Kelly and Ryan, the singer danced a playful dance, in order to amuse the fans, but the shortness of breath took over.

When Madonna was to hide the body under a large clothes, fans sounded the alarm.

She repeatedly said that genetically suffers from completeness.

In the 80s she was one of the first to seek the services of a nutritionist and hired a personal trainer. Then she could so long to dance on a stage that colleagues envied her.

In the early 2000s, the appearance of the Madonna has taken a frightening sight. It seemed that it was only the muscles so they stood out on the skinny body of the singer.

It turned out that her figure was responsible fitness trainer Tracy Anderson, who has promised that the star will become younger by 20 years.

Even when Madonna was like a MOP with muscles, the coach blamed the singer that her hands are thick.

Of course, Madonna, characterized by excessive perfectionism, upset. But the services of a coach refused.

Now about the singer’s life outside of work almost nothing is known. She is rarely photographed and those images that enter the network are of poor quality.

Fans agree that the rapid weight gain and health problems – the result of diets and the abuse of his own body.

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