Energy check: how to claim aid if you have not yet received it in 2024 ?

Energy check: how to claim aid if you have not yet received it in 2024 ?

Les chèques énergie peuvent être réclamés dès juillet pour ceux qui ne l’ont pas reçu. MAXPPP – Richard Villalon

Les foyers aux revenus modestes éligibles au chèque énergie mais qui ne l’ont pas encore reçu pourront le réclamer sur un portail en ligne dédié entre juillet et décembre 2024. On vous explique comment faire.

The automatic sending of energy checks for the year 2024 was completed on April 25, 2024, but some low-income households did not receive them. The cause ? The total abolition of the housing tax on main residences since January 1, 2023, which therefore makes the identification of new beneficiaries more difficult.

A claim window

Indeed, the eligibility of a household for the energy check is established based on the reference tax income (RFR) of year N-2, but also on its situation with regard to housing tax on January 1 of year N-1, which makes it possible to determine the number of consumption units (CU). The abolition of local tax no longer makes it possible to automatically establish the list of new beneficiaries of the energy check, reports Mercipourl’info< /em>.

In order to resolve this problem, the Minister of the Economy, Bruno Le Maire, announced the establishment of a complaints desk. This online portal will open during the month of July on the official energy check website

Who can claim the energy check?

The complaints portal will concern households eligible for the energy check for their situation in 2022, but who were not eligible for their situation in 2021, and who have not therefore not received financial assistance during the automatic sending campaign between April 2 and 25, 2024.

The energy check claims portal will concern, for example "young people entering working life (first-time filers), households who have experienced a drop in income between 2021 and 2022 or those who had a birth in 2022", specifies the press release released this Monday, May 6 by the ministry.

What documents to provide ?

To submit your request online, households will need to provide:

The tax number, the identity document, an energy bill in the name of the applicant.

After studying their file, the energy check will be sent within a maximum of one month. The application can be submitted until the end of 2024.

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