Energy project Saguenay: the beginning of the hearings of the BAPE on the 14th of September

The Bureau d’audiences publiques sur l’environnement (BAPE) will initiate the study on the controversial Power Project in Saguenay by LNG Quebec on the 14th of September next for four months.

This mandate was announced on Tuesday by Benoit Charette, the minister of the Environment and the Fight against climate change in Québec

The schedule of the work and the composition of the commission of inquiry have not yet been determined. All of this will be announced in August.

Because of the COVID-19 and of rules of social distancing, the BAPE is going to adapt to carry out its work, which aims to gather input on the environmental impact of projects.

The company’s plant LNG Quebec city to Saguenay must liquefy the natural gas would then be transported by huge ships that would export the fuel abroad by way of the Saguenay and the St. Lawrence river. Lng port will be built in the Saguenay. The natural gas will come from Western canada, will be exported to Asia and Europe.

These facilities must be fueled by a natural gas pipeline, with a length of 782 km, connecting Ontario and the Saguenay, passing through the Abitibi-Témiscamingue region. This component must also be subject to approval by Quebec and Ottawa.

Strong opposition

The whole project is strongly criticized, especially by environmentalists, citizen groups, Québec solidaire, and aboriginal groups.

They argue that this initiative will result in the emissions of greenhouse gases, it will threaten wildlife and flora along the pipeline and harm to marine species in the Saguenay, including the beluga whale.

On his side, LNG Québec argues that the project will generate significant economic benefits in terms of employment and royalties, and that it will allow certain countries to have access to a fuel less polluting than oil or coal.

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