England cuts isolation of those tested positive to five days

England is reducing the isolation of people in isolation to five days es positive

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The British Minister for Health announced on Thursday that he was shortening the duration of isolation for COVID-19 patients in England from a minimum of seven days to five days – provided he obtained a negative test – to “minimize” the impact of these quarantines on the economy. & nbsp;

“We have re-examined the isolation period for positive cases, to ensure that the measures in place allow to maximize economic and educational activity, for example, but also to minimize the risk that contagious people come out of isolation”, a Sajid Javid told MPs.

Citing figures from the UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA), the minister stressed that 'around two-thirds of positive cases are no longer contagious by the end of the fifth day ”.

As of Monday, for individuals who obtained negative self-tests on the fifth day or at the beginning of the sixth day, people declared positive will be able to leave quarantine. Until now, it was ten days, with the possibility of reducing it to seven in the event of a negative test.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson's government was under heavy pressure to reduce the length of solitary confinement to five days, like the United States, amid massive absenteeism of sick people disrupting key sectors such as healthcare. health, education or transport.

One of the most bereaved countries in Europe with more than 151,000 dead, the United Kingdom has recorded daily records of contamination in recent weeks, which are attributed to the Omicron variant, but the positive cases seem to have started to decline in recent days.

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