England tried to score a goal to the Croats, while they celebrated their goal (video)

Збірна Англії намагалася забити м'яч хорватам, поки ті святкували свій гол (відео)

An interesting episode was not shown live this confrontation

In the Internet appeared the video of the England team in the semifinals of the 2018 world Cup against Croatia after conceding 109 minutes, the ball tried to take advantage of the emotional celebrations of the opponent.

The time not included in television broadcast – is “checkers” acclaimed Mario Mandzukic, the British wanted to quickly play the ball and score a goal Daniel Subasic, who was not assisted by counsel.

In that moment Marcus Rashford and Jesse Lingard put the ball in the game from the midfield and went on the attack, but Turkish referee Cuneyt Cakir stopped their breakthrough.

The British tried to use a loophole in the rules – the team that missed can resume the game if it’s half of the field not the players of the opposing team.

During the celebration of the goal by Mandzukic one of the players of the national team of Croatia had not run out of bounds after all the teammates, the referees stopped the attack of the British, according to “Sport-Express”.

Note, however the referees disallowed the goal of the British, if he did, it was offside, because half Croats only had one goalkeeper.

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