Englishwoman wants to hire a thief for your store

Англичанка хочет взять на работу вора для своего магазина

In London businesswoman wants to hire a thief, who must steal items from her clothing store

The owner of one of London clothing stores, who wishes to remain anonymous has posted on the website Bark.com the unusual announcement about hiring a professional thief, which she will pay £ 50 ($64) per hour for thefts in her shop, writes the Chronicle.info with reference to Golos.Ua

The woman who started her own business in 2013, said that before the Christmas influx of visitors is always increasing. And this holiday period it is a huge loss because of theft. And have never managed to catch thieves in the act.

She hopes that a professional will help her to identify vulnerabilities in the security system. For example, it will be able to place a new CCTV camera in a different way to organize the work of staff.

In addition to the “salaries” the thief will also have the opportunity as a bonus to keep three things will be able to sneak unnoticed.

Every time the thief will be required to provide the hostess a detailed report on how he managed to commit theft.

Thus the woman does not wish the applicant had a criminal record. Apparently, she believes that a good thief is not caught the thief.

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