EnjoyPhoenix denounces the content Instagram “full of dreams and glitter, but harmful”

EnjoyPhoenix dénonce les contenus Instagram "plein de rêve et de paillettes mais néfastes"

EnjoyPhoenix denounces the content Instagram “full of dreams and glitter, but harmful”

After leaving Twitter, EnjoyPhoenix plans to leave Instagram ? The influenceuse has explained why it is leaking more and more the social network and exposing its lies, sequins or even touch-ups, which are very harmful for the users. She calls for a return to reality.

They are more many to denounce the fake on Instagram. After Juju FitCats which showed that perfection did not exist, Tibo InShape attacked retouched photos. Today it is the turn of EnjoyPhoenix to push a blow of mouth against the illusion given by Instagram. While her fans have noticed that the influenceuse was less on the social network in recent times, she explains why, and confess that in the midst of a time of questioning : “I deserted Instagram by this that when I come here, I see that only the content is ‘hype’ of the moment proved a massive hit, and that if you don’t fit in the nails, bah, thou dark oblivion. To be totally honest, I’m always torn between making content that I like, and do the content for the other that love him, and this side I am rather proud of myself, for this which I will discuss often the top on these small temptations haha.”

Back, sequins, lies… EnjoyPhoenix denounces

The girlfriend of the belgian DJ Henri PFR would like to “go back to reality on Instagram” so we can “recognize themselves in the content that one sees”. After leaving Twitter in early 2019, plans to leave Instagram ? She denounces the lies of the social network and wants to counter that by offering “more true on my account, moments of life without glitter and facetune (only the colours of these photos were edited on Lightroom, but you can still see my spots on my cheeks for example )”. Last may, she released elsewhere without makeup on Instagram, revealing her acne.

The world of Instagram is harmful ? She wants a return to reality

Moreover, it does not leak only Instagram, but also “evenings with influencers, this world so small, full of dream and glitter in the front but if detrimental to the trust and the look on her appearance and her life.” Finally, it addresses to its subscribers : “Do not begrudge the life of those you follow on social networks. A smile, an outfit, a makeup to die for, a life of luxury, travel, dream, everything, this is not a daily reality. Breathe you in, rather, to push you to be the best version of who YOU want to be. Not the version of what you believe to be the perfection on the social networks.”

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