EnjoyPhoenix not wearing makeup, or wearing or touched up on Insta : his message in order to finally accept

EnjoyPhoenix pas maquillée, ni coiffée ou retouchée sur Insta : son message pour enfin s'accepter

EnjoyPhoenix neither masked nor wearing : it assumes the natural on Instagram

It is without any artifice (or makeup, or hair, or retouching photos) that EnjoyPhoenix was unveiled on Instagram. A post in which the YouTube star assumes the natural to learn to love. A message body positive that she wants to bring to its subscribers this year.

EnjoyPhoenix to be unveiled at the natural

After having denounced the content of Instagram who are “full of dreams and glitter but harmful”, EnjoyPhoenix has gone even further on the said social network. The YouTubeuse took advantage of his vacation to Bali, Indonesia, to display, not wearing, not wearing makeup and not photoshopped on Instagram. A post with two great pictures of the influenceuse. In legend, Marie Lopez, his real name is said to be revealed without shame, without makeup, hair décoiffés, without look studied and without touch-ups of the app FaceTune : “No makeup, no hair, no outfit, no facetune, no shame”.

In the caption of the pictures, EnjoyPhoenix added : “You will understand, in 2020 I want to break more stereotypes, taboos, perceptions, and I want to learn to love me, and help others to love and benefit them as they are, even if the journey will be long, for me and for you”. A beautiful message body positive. This year, the one who is in a relationship with Henri PFR wants to accept and help his community also if accept.

“I’d like to sometimes be brave enough to send le”

A post which attracted almost 200,000 likes. “Sometimes, I would like to be brave enough to send le on the day the day after : my complexes, my fears, my lack of confidence,” said the YouTube star, who animated On the road to the best pastry chef on M6. “But I also know that life is not a long quiet river, and that it is necessary to learn to dance in the rain (and believe me, in Bali there has been a LOT of rain haha)” she confessed, “I wish you a Sunday full of gentleness and kindness to yourself”.

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