EnjoyPhoenix without makeup on Insta : she reveals her acne, the “complex” that he eats for life”

EnjoyPhoenix sans maquillage sur Insta : elle dévoile son acné, le "complexe qui lui bouffe la vie"

EnjoyPhoenix without makeup on Instagram, she confides on the “complex, which he eats for life”

“I eat…” This Sunday may 12, 2019, EnjoyPhoenix has shared on Instagram photos of her au natural, without makeup, in order to confide on hormonal acne that she has had for over 5 years. A way that is courageous to respond to the haters and to convey a message to its subscribers. A gesture welcomed by many influencers…

This is a fresh proof of the courage shown by EnjoyPhoenix on Sunday 12 may 2019. The youtubeuse who responds constantly to the criticism on his videos or his physical, is entrusted with no filter on the disease to which it faces in everyday life. Without a filter, this is the case since Mary Lopez has shared several photos of her au natural, without makeup, revealing hormonal acne that she has. “I was trying to film a video for next Saturday, when I collapsed in front of my mirror for the 10th time since the beginning of the month. It’s now been over 5 years that I have been suffering with acne hormonal, and since I stopped taking the pill to no longer be under hormone, my body decides to resume its rights, it gets worse and worse, my PCOS worse of all, and I get food.”, she wrote.

“I eat…”

In addition to the disease, it is the critics that the “puff”, as she explains : “It just eats to hear that I should learn to wash me in the face. Ça me bouffe to hear that I should stop me putting on makeup. Ça me bouffe to hear that I am a pot of paint that I am disgusting below. Ça me bouffe to hear that I am stupid for never having done roaccutane. I food to see the people I stare at in the street when I’m not wearing makeup.”

For the latter, she replied : “acne is not a choice. Nobody chose to have it. Nobody is aware of what it’s like to not want to cross her face in the mirror. Does anyone know what it’s like to wake up in tears of rage because I can’t put my face on a pillow without feeling pain. I always say that we cannot judge what we do not know, and I think even more since I have acne.”

The each other/its salute his courage

She is said to have tried all possible treatments to cure, in vain. If she has decided to publish these photos, it is foremost to pass on a message : “I took my courage in both hands to be posting these photos, because I’m tired of hiding myself and I want you to be able to recognize me if you also with a complex you food life. This is me, this is my skin, I am like that, I can’t do anything. And I’m going to have to learn to live with it as long as I would not have found a solution that works for me and that is a natural solution.”

Many youtubeuses and influenceuses French have responded and pointed to his courage in the comments as a Sissy Mua, Noholita, Gaëlle Garcia Diaz, Natoo, Shera Kerienski, Emy LTR, or even Lola Dubini. But boys also have applauded this initiative as The Big JD, Jimmy Charlon, Anthonin, and even Chris Marks !


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