Entertaining books on artists, from which it is impossible to put down

We have written three interesting books about the life of artists

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Занятные книги о художниках, от которых невозможно оторваться

Books about art

Painting of the middle Ages, the Renaissance and other periods enchant us with their incomprehensible and bizarre forms. Looking at the beautiful paintings of famous artists, involuntarily want to look beyond the frame and find out more about how they lived, what fate they suffered and whether they were happy.

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We picked up a fascinating book about artists who certainly need to read to learn more about their lives.

Chevalier, Tracy Girl with a pearl earring

Занятные книги о художниках, от которых невозможно оторваться

Books about art, which is a good read

“Girl with a pearl earring” has already become a classic of literature about the art, because the center of the plot — the work of the Dutch artist, who lived in the XVII century by Jan Vermeer. Only one of the beautiful paintings of the famous artist was born is a fascinating novel about art and painting. Story about one picture has become an incredibly broad, because it is the fate of a little girl in the big city, and a strong entourage, and a lot of incredible descriptions of the house where the artist lives with his family. This book is about art will appeal to those who love stories and history, because there are a lot of details and philosophical thoughts. Take one evening and spend it with the girl with a pearl earring. This book was made into a movie, so if you want to further plunge into the mysterious atmosphere of the Netherlands, the ribbon the girl with a pearl earring will only continue to finish the book.

Nils Buttner. Hieronymus Bosch. Vision and nightmares

Занятные книги о художниках, от которых невозможно оторваться

The best books about art

We have a history of another prominent Dutch artist whose works are so unusual that you would think that they called visions and nightmares. Especially the conflicting feelings you will have after looking at his paintings called “the last judgment”, because you just go goose bumps. The artist invites viewers to plunge into the atmosphere of sin and redemption.

But the book about his awesome and whimsical work gives many clues why Bosch painted this, at first glance, a “hell” and that prompted him to return to these stories again and again.

What riddles left in his paintings Bosch is it possible to find clues as perceived his strange paintings by his contemporaries, – the answers to these and other questions you will find on the pages of the book by Nils Buttner on the work of Bosch.

Jacek Dehnel Saturn

Занятные книги о художниках, от которых невозможно оторваться

What art books are worth a read

Another story about art — about the Spanish painter, Francisco josé de Goya. The style of this court painter at the end of life is considered a prototype of expressionism.

Goya painted the life of the Spanish Royal family, but before his death became a hermit and began to paint strange pictures, possibly after lead poisoning in paint. He created a series of “Black paintings”, which became the basis for the plot of this book. He also painted a series of canvases called “Fantasy and fiction”, which perfectly echoes the pretentiousness of the paintings of Bosch, which was mentioned above.

“Saturn” and is the name of this book, tells the story of three men of the house of Goya.

Saturn is the God identified with the Greek Cronus, who devoured his children. This personal allusion, the author wanted to show that in the book about the art of the hidden history of disgruntled men and children.

This book is perfect for the connoisseurs of art, psychology and unconventional view of things.

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