Entertainment: a craze careful of Montrealers to rediscover their cultural activities

MONTREAL | Approximately 60% of the visitors to the entertainment District wish to participate again in cultural activities once the containment is completed, reveals a survey Light.

“I think it is encouraging, has indicated from the outset, Monique Simard, president of the board of directors of the Quartier des spectacles Partnership. What we see is that the majority of people who frequent the entertainment District are ready to come back.”

According to the survey probe from 15 to 19 may, it is at least an average of six regulars from the Quartier des spectacles-in-ten who would be willing to reconnect with certain activities when they will again be accessible.

More particularly, and divided by sector, the proportions are the following:

  • Go to a restaurant (79 %)
  • Take part in an activity of small or medium-sized on the outside (71 %)
  • Attend a show in a small room (68 %) or in a large room (58 %)
  • Going to the cinema (65 %)
  • Go to the museum or in a gallery (66 %)

“I would have thought that there would be more people who would say hesitant, continued to Monique Simard. It was done in a period where the messages we received were extremely severe, messages of danger, that it was not necessary to leave your home. Given that, I find that it is very encouraging.”

Respondents are more cautious when it comes to the attendance of festivals (54 %), bars (47 %) or a show room where the spectators are standing (40 %).

Sanitary measures

Also, if more than half of the visitors to the entertainment District say they are ready to want to return to certain activities in less than a month after the end of containment, the implementation of health measures have a decisive impact for a large proportion of them:

  • The availability of disinfectant in many areas throughout the institution (83 %)
  • A control of the queue to enforce the distance of two meters (74 %)
  • The port of the mask by the reception staff (71 %) and the public (64 %)
  • A significant decrease in the number of people participating to leave a space sufficient distancing between the people (68 %)

In spite of the important place that have taken the web-based platforms in the dissemination of culture in the last few weeks, 76 % of respondents who watched audiovisual works online do not have the intention to favour this type of platform when they have the possibility of returning to the room.

The survey was conducted from 2144 residents of Montreal and suburbs bordering them, but the analyses will focus on two sub-groups having participated in at least three activities in the Quartier des spectacles during the last year.

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