Entrepreneurial couples share the secrets of their success

Couples of entrepreneurs share the secrets of their success

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Starting a business is never easy, but for couples who decide to start a business together, the adventure is even more risky. We asked three couples of entrepreneurs to share their advice with us.

Marie-Sarah Bouchard and Ricardo Perozo – The Cursive & nbsp; & nbsp;

For Marie-Sarah Bouchard and Ricardo Perozo, who jointly manage La Cursive, a design-writing studio, two essential aspects for any entrepreneurial couple is to carry out projects individually in addition to distributing less attractive tasks in a fair way.

Both copywriters, sometimes they work together on the same project. They do advise, however, to go it alone when the opportunity arises. & Nbsp;

“It's really important to be able to each have their own projects or clients. Not only does it allow us to value ourselves, to take responsibility and to do things exactly in our own way, but it also creates a necessary space between the two of us which allows us to breathe, in addition to giving a feeling of control to each one ”, explains Ricardo. & Nbsp;

Marie-Sarah adds that we must not lose sight of the fact that starting a business is not just about bringing the main idea of ​​the project to life. It is also to take care of all the administrative aspect. As this is often the less stimulating side, it's important that both contribute.

“It is important that the mental load is well distributed in the couple. Usually, there is one of the two who will be more inclined to take care of the administrative tasks and it is easy to delegate all that to him. But you should not leave 100% of this aspect in the hands of one person, because it risks creating friction, ”she explains. & Nbsp;

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Virginie Tardif and Vincent Phillipe-Picard – Melifera & nbsp; & nbsp;

Melifera is a nomadic beekeeping school that travels across Quebec to set up beehives for clients who want to learn beekeeping on an amateur basis. The project has completely changed the lives of Virginie Tardif and Vincent Phillipe-Picard, who both left their respective jobs to embark on the nomadic adventure after two years as a couple.

“We transformed our van to be able to experience the van life and be able to visit our customers, who live both in the Outaouais and in Rimouski,” explains Virginie. & Nbsp;

< p> Since then, the couple have traveled around 2,500 kilometers every two weeks to help their clients become independent with their bees. It was this aspect of the business that gave them the most trouble when they started up. & Nbsp;

“When we started talking about it, the thing our parents, friends and especially creditors insisted on was the fact that we would be nomads and as a couple. They said: ′ ′ it's one thing to start a business as a couple, to live together in the van, in a mini space … it's very risky ′ ′ ”, they say. & Nbsp;

The lovebirds therefore advise couples who would like to start a business to prepare to face the skepticism of others and believe in their idea. & nbsp;

“People are going to ask personal questions, question your relationship and talk about separation scenarios. We have to make a shell. We used it as a source of motivation. It's cheesy, but if you've got an idea you believe in, don't listen to others too much and go for it! “& Nbsp;

Julie Poitras-Saulnier and David Côté – LOOP Mission & nbsp; & nbsp;

< p> Lover of In the Eye of the Dragon ? Chances are you know Julie Poitras-Saulnier and David Côté, the co-founders of Loop Mission, a circular economy company that gives a second life to foods snubbed by the food industry by transforming them into juice and beer. & nbsp;

Since the couple's notable stint in front of the dragons in 2018, the company has grown by leaps and bounds and is often cited as a success story. For Julie Poitras-Saulnier, the first ingredient in a winning team's recipe can be summed up in one word: communication. & Nbsp;

“For us, the key is to be truly transparent. towards each other. We give each other a lot of feedback, we don't take anything away, while being indulgent in the way we say it, ”explains the co-founder. She believes it is important to use the strength of your marriage to do so. & Nbsp;

“In a relationship, the advantage is that you can be sure that the other wants your good. Knowing that, it’s easier to formulate well and take constructive comment well. You have to trust each other, ”she explains.

She adds that to avoid potential conflicts and make the most of the complementarity of her couple, it is important to find strengths that distinguish them. two spouses and to divide the tasks according to these strengths. & nbsp;

“For us, it is really obvious to know which of the two will manage this or that project because we know our strengths well respective. For example, David is very strong at selling, while I am not my cup of tea. The times when there is the most friction is when you have to manage marketing, because it's a strength that we have in common, ”explains the entrepreneur. & Nbsp;

Defining each other's strengths also allows us to better see what each party brings to the company, according to her. & Nbsp;

“It is important to respect, even to admire the work of the other ”, she concludes. & nbsp;

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