Entrepreneurs' fair at the Palais des Congrès in Béziers: creation at the heart of exchanges

Entrepreneurs' fair at the Palais des Congrès in Béziers: creation at the heart of exchanges

Echanges riches entre entrepreneurs et acteurs économiques au Palais des Congrès de Béziers Gaelle LIOT

Entrepreneurs' fair at the Palais des Congrès in Béziers: creation at the heart of exchanges

Salle des conférences (table ronde et workshop) de la Feria des entrepreneurs Gaelle LIOT

" Create, resume, develop! " this was the motto of the 18th edition of the Entrepreneurs' Fair which was held on Tuesday June 4 at the Palais des Congrès in Béziers. At the meeting, business leaders, people undergoing retraining and future entrepreneurs made the trip to meet banking, institutional and economic players and develop their project of creation or takeover of a business. ;business.

" In Béziers, we are observing a real reinvestment of businesses in the city center, the rate of empty premises is significantly decreasing 24% in 2014 compared to 14.9% in 2023 “, underlines Charlène Sire, manager of the Béziers city center commerce, behind her stand. The Palais des Congrès de Béziers hosted, this Tuesday, June 4, all day, the Entrepreneurs' Fair organized by the CCI Hérault in partnership with the City of Béziers and the Béziers Méditerranée Agglomeration. " In 2024, there will be 25,000 business creations and 3,379 businesses registered in Ouest Hérault Grand Biterrois (100 ;000 in l’Hérault) " analyzes Claire Albernhe of the  CCI Hérault. On the two floors, various banking, institutional and economic players take turns welcoming the public, mostly female, business leaders, people undergoing retraining and future entrepreneurs. 

During the day, several economic players hosted a round table on the career paths of entrepreneurs, and three workshops " Creation versus takeover of a business ", " URSSAF not even afraid< /em> ", and " Networking, quesaco?". Among the funding support agencies for businesses, Guillaume Dubois, advisor to France Active, explains: " Future entrepreneurs turn to us to best prepare their file and we facilitate their access to financing. Banks are reluctant to lend money so they turn to us to secure loans for entrepreneurs, because we have more margin thanks to our subsidies from the government. European Union, region and state." Valérie Lucas, advisor to ADIE (Association for the Right to Economic Initiative) adds: " Among the business creators, we received a person who wanted to invest in a hybrid or electric vehicle, a prerequisite for working at Uber, so we can see with him the financing possibilities for his project."

For Renée-Paule Ramirez, Professional customer advisor at Banque Populaire: " We are not in much demand, people need to invest more in their project and put together their file well. Entrepreneurs must reinvest in the city center. We finance local employment, it would be good for people to consume locally and reduce their purchases on the internet. We received around ten well-finished files with viable projects. "

There is a real divide between human values ​​and those of the company, people are moving away from salaried employment and towards entrepreneurship “, explains Sophie Mallie, career development advisor at the Hérault Chamber of Trades and Crafts. Adding: ” One in two people are going to retrain, we sense a real craze. The salaried executive no longer brings satisfaction either financially or in terms of recognition. The lack of internal development within the company and mobility are making people sick. The state career development advisory system “Avenir actif” allows you to maintain financial insurance during your transition to entrepreneurship."

Finally, Francis Pozo, General Director of MEDEF Hérault Béziers, hopes that " lThe Genvia project will induce economic development in the future and attract higher socio-professional categories allowing the creation in the West Hérault Biterrois of a student city such as Nice Sophia Antipolis ". To see what the future holds for us…

2,800 business creators in the Béziers region

"The Biterrois has 11.10% unemployment (10.4% for Hérault, 8.9% for the region), 52% of the population with a level equal to or below the CAP BEP, there are 2,800 business creators in the Béziers region (44% women and 56% men), more than half of ;among them are aged 36 to 55,” explains Nicolas Pau, team manager at France Travail. Adding "70% of candidates for business creation have less than 1 year of unemployed seniority and more than 60% of candidates follow specific career support paths. creation or takeover of a business, particularly with partner organizations before creating their structure. Finally: " The economic sectors towards which creators are destined are aesthetic body care, hotel-restaurant management and well-being and personal development.

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