Epidemic in France: towards the mask mandatory in enclosed public places

Épidémie en France: vers le masque obligatoire dans les lieux publics clos

PARIS | France should make compulsory the wearing of the mask in all enclosed public places to curb the outbreak of new coronavirus-who shows signs of restarting, wished Tuesday that the president Emmanuel Macron.

“I want to make it mandatory for the mask in all enclosed public places”, he said in a television interview, referring to the date of 1 August for the implementation of this measure.

“We have signs to” the contagion “leaves a little bit” in France, warned the French president about the outbreak of new coronavirus that has already killed more than 30,000 people in the country, and while the health authorities are warning against the relaxation of precautions in the wearing of the mask or the gestures of the barrier.

Regarding the mask, “it is done in the transport, it works very well, but it is a little erratic in enclosed public places, ( … ) it means that it is necessary that things are organized”, he explained.

“We must prevent and prepare” for a reboot of the epidemic, warned the president during the televised interview on the occasion of the national holiday.

“We will be ready”, he assured, adding: “we have both the inventory and the supplies that are secure, and we have the organization closer to the ground, which would make it the face of a resurgence, if it was there”.

When asked whether France would receive priority for a potential vaccine if it was discovered by the group, French pharmaceutical Sanofi, he assured that the country would be served among the first, but refused to require an absolute priority, deeming it “absurd” that a potential “nationalism sanitary.”

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