Epistaxis: why some people often bleed from the nose ?

Epistaxis: why some people often bleed from the nose ?

Epistaxis : pourquoi certains saignent souvent du nez ? Destination Santé

In most cases, a nosebleed doesn't mean anything serious. But it happens that this hemorrhage coming from the nasal cavity, called epistaxis, is often repeated and the losses are abundant. If this is your case, don’t wait to consult.

Commonly called nosebleed, epistaxis corresponds to "a hemorrhage of the nasal passages, occurring when the blood vessels in the nasal mucosa rupture&quot ;, describes the American Hospital in Paris. In almost 80% of cases, this bleeding is benign. It then usually occurs in an area called the Kiesselbach vascular spot. Very vascularized, it is located inside the nose, at the front. Children aged 2 to 10 and adults aged 50 to 80 are most affected.

In addition to age, other factors can contribute to frequent nosebleeds, such as high blood pressure, dryness of the nasal mucosa, nasal trauma (including nose scratching), or even excessive use of anticoagulant medications. Dry environments or sudden temperature changes can also increase the risk of nosebleeds.

Coagulation disorders, Rendu-Osler disease…

But in 20% of cases, the epistaxis does not come from the Kiesselbach vascular spot. It is then "linked to a hemorrhage of the blood vessels located at the back of the nose, at the level of the throat", specifies the& ;rsquo;American hospital. "This can cause significant bleeding, flowing down the back of the throat. More serious and difficult to control, it may require medical attention." This is why, if your nosebleeds are frequent and heavy, it is important to consult without delay. Indeed, such bleeding can be a sign of Rendu-Osler disease or even a coagulation disorder.

Note that it is also necessary to consult urgently if the nose bleeds:

affects a child under 2 years old; lasts more than 30 minutes (despite compression); follows trauma or injury; causes breathing difficulties.

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