Éric Bruneau signs with his lover Kim Lévesque Lizotte the series “Before the crash”

Éric Bruneau signs the series « Before the crash” /></p><p> UPGRADE DAY</p><p><strong>Éric Bruneau can finally free himself from the secret he has been guarding for six years. The actor adds the author's hat to the talents we know him and writes with his lover Kim Lévesque Lizotte the plots of the new series “Before the crash”.</strong> </p><p>Bruneau will hold the main role – that of Marc-André – in this “dramedy” that he imagined and developed through his projects of the last few years in front of the camera, including “Aller simple” currently broadcast on Noovo and “The night where Laurier Gaudreault woke up”, a series by Xavier Dolan to be launched this year on Club illico.</p><p>The rest of the “Before the Crash” cast will be revealed sooner rather than later, with filming set to kick off next April for broadcast during the 2022-2023 season of ICI TÉLÉ.</p><p> Director Stéphane Lapointe</p><p><strong>Friendship and the quest for success</strong></p><p>Set in the world of finance, “After the crash” will focus on links uniting a group of thirty-somethings and their quest for success, in what will be a human drama and an “existential thriller”, according to director Stéphane Lapointe (“Faits divers”).</p><p>Marc-André will reluctantly try to return to the world of investment banking, four years after leaving, in order to keep up with the band's rhythm of life and make more “cash”.</p><p> < p> Éric Bruneau said in a virtual round table on Wednesday that he wanted to “talk about ambition, friendship and our desire to achieve”, themes that will be at the heart of the intrigues and which will be the driving force protagonists.</p><p>“The finance is just a [pretext] to put the characters under pressure, they're all people who are caught up, in their mid-30s, in self-realization and feel the pressure around them to constantly go further,” he added.</p><p>For Kim Lévesque Lizotte, who is returning to the public broadcaster after the success of his dramatic comedy “Les Simone”, the series “After the crash” will show that there is a price to pay to be a winner, even for “good people who wanted to do the right thing, very caring and loving people, but [who are foiled by] the system”.</p><p>“There is a cost and consequences to choosing everyone time ambition, career, power, money, ego, we wanted to show what are the consequences on our personal relationships, our friendships, our loves, our relationship with the family, “he said. she continued.</p><script async=

Passing the buck

Éric Bruneau and Kim Lévesque Lizotte enjoyed writing together and “passing the buck”, the pandemic having allowed them to lay the last five episodes.

“Those who have already written know that writing with four hands it is an exceptional challenge. Finding authors to work with is as difficult as finding love, so I kind of found love a second time,” Kim slipped, making her partner smile.

“We were able to bounce on each other's idea, we started to build the episodes by talking about it, after that we put them on paper, we could bounce back, it's a very fast, very efficient process, because there is not too much ego in the way. […] I found myself with great characters, writing allies [NDLR Éric Bruneau et la producer Sophie Deschênes], so it was an easy and stimulating process, then it's really difficult when you You are a screenwriter to delegate, to give the ball to the other, but with Éric it happened naturally,” said the author.

The 10 episodes of “Before the crash” will be produced by Sophie Deschênes of Sovimage, the production company to whom we owe in particular “Les pays d'en haut”, “Lies”, and “O'”.

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