Éric Lapointe comes back before the court

Éric Lapointe revient devant le tribunal

The folder for the singer Éric Lapointe comes back before the court on Friday to settle the details of his trial for the assault is planned for this fall.

The artist of 50 years will also appear in the face of an accusation of non-observance of its conditions, to the municipal court of Montreal, since he would have communicated with the complainant, while it was forbidden to him.

It is impossible to identify the latter, due to a publication ban.

However, Lapointe is expected to be absent and represented by his lawyer Ms. Turcot, as he has the right.

Last march, Me Turcot had already managed to provide its client to be present for pre-trial motions that will be presented on Friday afternoon.

The defense will seek to Éric Lapointe to be absent for his entire trial.

This request is very rarely made, and it is unknown the reasons which are relied on.

Me Turcot will also attempt to obtain statements that would have made the victim after the legalization of the folder.

Trial in October

The trial of Éric Lapointe, who is accused of assault, is scheduled for three days, from 27 to 29 October.

September 30, 2019, the singer celebrated his birthday, and would have a quarrel with a woman. At this chicane, he would have hit, which has earned him this criminal charge.

During his appearance the following month, he pleaded not guilty. In the wake of the accusations, he abandoned his armchair coach to The Voice. He had also announced his absence from the Gala of the ADISQ.

Lapointe is accused by summary conviction, which means that if he is found guilty, he would risk a sentence less than criminal.

In spite of all the gestures that he was accused of remain of a criminal nature.

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