Escape attempt: two detainees found in a pancake restaurant

Attempted escape: two inmates found in a restaurant ;pes


Armed with toothbrush bits, two American inmates managed to punch a hole in a wall, escape from prison and walk several miles to a pancake restaurant where they were captured, local police announced on Tuesday.

Guards at the Newport News Jail Annex in Virginia, in the eastern United States, were surprised to find John Garza, 37, and Arley missing. Nemo, 43, around 7:15 p.m. Monday, authorities said in a statement.

Prisoners managed to exploit “a flaw” in the structure of the prison building, using tools created from using a toothbrush and a metal object to dislodge loose fittings in a wall, police said.

They managed to form a hole through which they slipped and then scaled the prison compound.

The run was short-lived, however. After walking several miles, the two fugitives reached an International House of Crepes (IHOP) chain pancake restaurant in nearby Hampton where they were captured Tuesday morning, police said.

“I thank the citizens who saw Garza and Nemo in the IHOP and notified law enforcement,” said Newport News Sheriff Gabe Morgan, quoted in the statement.

Mr. Garza was in detention notably for violation of his probationary period and Mr. Nemo for bank card fraud, forgery and use of forgery, theft and receiving stolen property.