Essay: the man in all his struggles

Essay: the man in all his fights


Little has been written about the man, except to condemn patriarchy and all the defects associated with the masculine condition. However, man seeks himself more and more and hesitates less and less to consult a shrink in the event of injury, physical, emotional, psychological. The author, Bernard Chaumeil, humanist therapist, proposes to rediscover, from his practice, man in what he is at birth, before any conditioning or impact of his environment.  

At our birth and even at the moment of our conception, the author asserts, we will experience suffering. It is what defines us, even if we are not aware of it, because we carry a family heritage. 

Then, the company will take care of transmitting its values ​​to us. We are therefore indebted both to our family lineage and to the socio-cultural group in which we live. 

However, the therapist teaches us, men are more affected than women by personality disorders . 

Already, children, men are more affected than women by attention disorders associated with hyperactivity and hyperanxiety, by stuttering, dyslexia, transient tics and even autism.

Most schizophrenics are men. And we would be more numerous than women to live the homosexual and transsexual experience. Such is the male condition, even if there is no Ministry of Male Condition. The woman is one step ahead of us, she has already begun her “healing” and “this transformation causes ours and allows it”.

Be strong!

How many times, from our earliest years, have we not heard these phrases: “Be a man, my son! ” or: “Be strong, don't cry!” Here, in Quebec more particularly, teenagers have often been told: “Don't do your thing! “, while offering them Superman, Hulk or Rambo as models. 

The masculine is also associated with strength. This vital force is often linked to sexuality, which is expressed in various ways that one must learn to control: “sensation rather than action, pleasure rather than deliverance”. 

It is not a question of denying who we are, but of channeling this energy in the right direction, without fear of displaying our emotions. We must break the image of the man with a shell, unable to express his feelings. Sensitivity should not be synonymous with weakness.

By dint of playing the hero, some men come to believe that they are perfect and even display a certain arrogance. They ultimately seek recognition. They only do this for themselves, the therapist will conclude. 

The author also addresses many other wounds, including those due to sexual identity. Feeling good about yourself is not always easy, as transgender people demonstrate. 

Homosexual, “man is looking to be loved, desired and fulfilled. He takes a partner who looks like him or who looks like someone who moves him. » 

We are far from the New Man advocated by Che, but this new man to which Chaumeil “seeks to be his own and to be for the world”. That's it already.