Essence of Constance, the Christmas wine

Essence of Constance, the Christmas wine

Le Vin de Constance is part of the select club of outstanding wines. The ones we remember even if we forget the name. For many, it was the spark that ignited their passion for wine.

Born around the end of the 17the century, this sweet wine from South Africa is quickly carving out a place of choice at the tables of kings and owners. Frédéric Le Grand, Marie-Antoinette, Louis XVI, Queen Victoria, Georges Washington. All succumb to the exotic charm of wine. It is claimed that the deposed Emperor Napoleon, deprived of his Chambertin, had thirty bottles shipped each month during his exile to Île Sainte-Hélène.

Then came the wicked phylloxera in the late 1800s. The vines were ravaged. And like Sleeping Beauty, the Vin de Constance will fall asleep for a hundred years. It was not until the end of the 1980s for the resurrection. Klein Constantia, based on the archives, sets itself the task of bringing it back to life. Today, tasting a Vin de Constance remains a unique experience.

Already, by the unique shape of the bottle which recalls its past, one expects a different experience. Made at $ 100 of muscat with small grains, it offers a viscous substance with a golden and brilliant color. On the nose, the intensity of the scents is captivating. We could stay there for hours and fill you a whole page with scents. I retain fresh fig, mirabelle plum, hot grapefruit, camphor, saffron, caramel, verbena, iodine, etc. On the palate, the wine appears rich, smooth, while showing a freshness that makes the whole vibrate. Long, complex and airy finish. Immediately, the reference that comes to mind is from Yquem. By the perfection of its proportions. A balance between power, finesse, richness and lightness. A tour de force which marks and which will make you spend an extraordinary moment of tasting. Serve chilled. It will go wonderfully with spicy cheeses or a foie gras terrine, but can be sipped alone on the edge of the fire. Finally, note that it is a wine with excellent aging potential.

Drink less. Drink better. And, above all, a very merry Christmas.

Klein Constantia, Vin de Constance 2015, Stellenbosch, South Africa, $ 80.00 – SAQ code 10999655 – 14% – 160 g / L

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