Essential Phone 2: so it will look like the smartphones of the future

Essential reveals the smartphone Project Gem with a very unusual and elongated format screen 36:9

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Essential Phone 2: так будут выглядеть смартфоны будущего

An elongated Gem Project screen has an aspect ratio of 36:9

CEO of Essential Products Andy Rubin, who is one of the creators of the Android operating system, showed the world a prototype of a smartphone called Project Gem, which is a potential model Essential Phone 2. The device has a dynamic coloring and the most unusual form of housing, which is generally not associated with conventional smartphones.

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The photographs published on Twitter, shows that Project Gem, very elongated phone with a screen aspect ratio 36:9. Under this screen even had to rewrite the Android interface to information and applications on it displayed in a column.

In the hands of the device seems very tiny, like in the hands of the phone and smart watch. The device has a large power button and volume rocker on the right edge, and the rear panel has a recess for the fingerprint scanner, located under the main camera.

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These Project of the Gem, the manufacturer used a very bright finishes that change color when you look at them from different angles – for example, the color of the sea, rolling in yellow and blue. This effect is even called GEM Colorshift.

Essential Phone 2: так будут выглядеть смартфоны будущего

Project Gem in the casing with changeable color

In General, the concept underlying the idea Project of the Gem, seems to be just a bold idea. At least for now. Only the last couple of years we began to see the extended screens as the standard for modern smartphones. It is likely that the trend to reduce the width and stretching the screen will continue in the future and we will use such wonderful devices.

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