Ester Exposito (Elite) and Alvaro Rico, the break : “We’re no longer together”

Ester Exposito (Elite) et Alvaro Rico, la rupture : "Nous ne sommes plus ensemble"

Ester Exposito and Alvaro Rico are no longer in a couple

It is finished between Ester Exposito and Alvaro Rico ! A few weeks after the end of the filming of season 3 of Elite, which will arrive in 2020 on Netflix, the interpreter of Polo has confirmed to the Spanish press that he was no longer in a relationship with the one who plays Carla. Rumors of a breakup were circulating since this summer.

Find love on a film set, it is not uncommon for the stars of the series. Behind-the-scenes of Elite, these are Ester Exposito and Alvaro Rico that are close together. Inseparable on the social networks, the interpreters of Carla and Polo became more distant towards the other. This summer, the Spanish press even announced their break-up, a thing that neither the one nor the other had been confirmed… until now !

Alvaro Rico confirms its break with Ester Exposito

It is in an interview in Hola that Alvaro Rico has confirmed his separation with Ester Exposito. While the journalist asked him about how his marriage had helped him to manage the pressure after the success of season 1 ofElite, the actor of 23 years old explained : “I’ve lived with Ester, because we are no longer together, even if I still love it a lot, has been beneficial“. The interpreter of Polo also entrust always be in good terms with his e.g. “Yes, we have a good relationship. This is something that I don’t lose ever, even though the press says. What I experienced on Elite was wonderful to meet all my classmates. For me, Elite is more than a series, it is my friends, my relationships and love. This will always be the case,” he added. Since he is single, Álvaro Rico explains to receive a lot of messages from girls but also of boys “You can’t take it badly !” he entrusted them with a sense of humor about the stresses of his fans.

If Alvaro Rico and Ester Exposito, therefore, are officially separated, it is rumored that another couple has formed in behind-the-scenes Elite. Danna Paola and Jorge Lopez, who play Read and Valerio, would be as a couple in life. The two actors have not confirmed the rumors but they would have been seen very close outside of filming the series, especially in Mexico, where the actress is originally from.

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