Esther 2 : the psycho back to the cinema… in a prequel

Esther 2 : la psychopathe de retour au cinéma... dans un prequel

Esther 2 : the psycho back to the cinema… in a prequel

You have a fear of children ? No luck, Esther was again ready to haunt your nights. Deadline that director William Brent Bell has been chosen to give life to a prequel of this cult horror film.

Esther back soon

11 years ago, Esther – the horror film signed Jaume Collet-Serra, we was admiring any child that we met on our way with the doubt that he may in fact be a(e) adult hidden(e) in the body of a child. This year, our nightmares are about to come back to life.

It is Deadline, which reveals the information, William Brent Bell been hired to make a new film that will serve as a prequel. The program this time ? One will discover that, before getting adopted by a nice family and traumatize the neighbourhood, Leena Klammer – the psychopath of 33 years of age suffering from a physical illness that prevents him from doing his age, was even more unstable than what we could imagine.

A strange prequel

The u.s. site reveals, this new story will be “Lena orchestrate an escape incredible from a psychiatric hospital in Russia before travelling to the US by pretending to be the lost daughter of a rich family.” And of course, you guessed it, “the new life of Lena as Esther will take an unexpected turn” and this time with a face-to-face with “a mother ready to do anything to protect his family“.

At the present time, we do not yet know what actress will be cast for the role, but already we can be reassured on the quality of the film. Written by David Coggeshall (Scream), it will be primarily realized by a regular of the genre. In fact, William Brent Bell is none other than the daddy of cult films The Devil Inside, The Boy and The Boy 2, a very promising and creepy expected in February at the cinema !

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