Estrie: green light for ATVs, but not for snowmobiles

Estrie: green light for ATVs, but not for snowmobiles

The little snow received a few days ago is not yet enough to open the snowmobile trails in Estrie.

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About fifteen centimeters are still missing. But good news for ATV owners, the season is now officially launched in this region.

The trails of the Club Quad de la MRC du Val-Saint-François have been fully open since Sunday, about a week later than normal. “These are not the perfect conditions. In some places, it’s hard on ATVs, but it gets around, ”says a patroller.

TVA Nouvelles met a longtime follower: “This is my first winter outing! If we have to stay confined as it is there, we will be on the trails very often! ”

The president of the Club Quad de la MRC du Val-Saint-François, Marie-Josée St-Pierre, is expecting an extraordinary season. “Already, we have the same number of members as at the end of last year, and the season has barely started! We have a lot of new enthusiasts, young people, families and even older people looking to mountain biking to enjoy the outdoors this winter. ”

The Harfang de l’Estrie snowmobile club began grooming its trails on Sunday. “We wish each other cold and fifteen centimeters of additional snow to open the slopes,” said the president, Marc Lachance. He too has noticed a stronger enthusiasm this year. “People are definitely going to have to be disciplined, especially in the shelters that will be open to warm up. There will be a limit of people inside to avoid gatherings. ”

The police will patrol the trails and will not hesitate to crack down if people ignore the health rules in place.

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