Estrie: nearly 500 employees absent from the hospital because of COVID-19

Estrie: nearly 500 employees absent from the hospital in 2020 cause of COVID-19


While hospitalizations are down in Estrie, where there are currently 133 hospitalized patients, including 18 in intensive care, the lack of employees in the various sectors is still glaring.

A total of 481 CIUSSS de l'Estrie-CHUS employees are absent due to COVID-19. The labor needs are particularly important at the level of nurses, to the point where the health establishment has decided to launch a call for doctors to volunteer.

Since last weekend, a 50 of them offered their services, filling almost 100 shifts in the emergency, surgical, medical and intensive care units.

Their contribution also sometimes makes it possible to avoid the imposition of compulsory overtime (TSO) on nurses.

“When a doctor is paired with a nurse, they agree together on the help that he can bring, explained the director of nursing at the CIUSSS de l'Estrie-CHUS Patricia Bourgault. A doctor never replaces a nurse, but rather supports her in her tasks, such as taking the vital signs of patients, which really helps the care teams.

This emergency initiative is temporary and Patricia Bourgault hopes to be able to put an end to it at the end of the month. This would be a sign that the situation is improving with the nursing staff.

In the meantime, she recognizes several positive points.

“The situation is so critical that we are going to the more urgent, but you can really see a difference. For example, earlier, I went to intensive care and there were 2 anesthetists working with the nursing teams and lending a hand.”

For many, it was not Not only the difficult times due to the pandemic will be remembered… mutual aid and support will be too.

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