Estrie: queue for the re-opening of shopping centres

Estrie: des files d'attente pour la réouverture des centres commerciaux

Queues in front of shops, alleys crowded: the re-opening of shopping centres on Monday, was expected with impatience in the eastern Townships.

At the Crossroads of the eastern Townships and the Galeries 4 Saisons in Sherbrooke, ridership was high compared to ordinary Monday.

The majority of the shops were open Monday, but some took a few more days to prepare for their reopening.

Various measures have been put in place to prevent the spread of the COVID-19. Habits will change, but some may be more difficult than others. One that still seems to be present, it is that of a stroll in the shopping centres. “It makes us a place to come talk a bit!” said a man met by TVA News.

The combinations are too many, the distance of two metres, but often forgotten, and the masks used very little, has there been able to see.

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