Eternal “damnation”: to fix the main problem of smartphone is impossible

The expert explained why modern smartphones have a disgusting battery with a weak charge

Evgeniy Opanasenko

29 Jun, 09:55

Вечное "проклятие": исправить главную проблему смартфонов невозможно

Smartphones will always be weak to hold a charge – the experts explain why

Smartphones in 2019, the record of performance, possess the most advanced cameras can capture planets, and even play video games with a graphics level of game consoles. However, all modern phones accompanies the main problem that engineers solve are not as weak batteries. Because of this, we are forced to use external batteries to help mobile device “live” at least until the end of the day.

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Moreover, it was not always so. At the beginning of the XXI century telephones had a fantastic battery life, which sometimes lasted several weeks without having to recharge. Modern smartphones have repeatedly bypassed on the power of the popular Nokia 3310, but now why the battery discharged so quickly?

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The Director of Argonne national laboratory (the oldest national research center of the Ministry of energy of the USA) Venkat Srinivas who is an expert in the field of battery technology, answered this exhilarating of all mobile device users question. Due to the problem is quite simple: Moore’s law is simply ahead of the technology of batteries. This means that our smartphones have become more powerful, but their performance began to demand more capacity from the batteries, which develop very slowly and not keeping up with mobile devices.

Not to say that technology does not evolve. Over the last few years the density of the battery was increased due to the reduction of internal components. However, the rapid growth and changes in density of batteries has affected their safety – portable sources of energy have started to spontaneously ignite due to the heat causing fires. Every year there are news about how the next smartphone set the fire. “It’s all because of the imperfection of battery technology,” explains Srinivas.

Вечное "проклятие": исправить главную проблему смартфонов невозможно

Smartphones are dependent on external powerbank even in the future

The batteries of modern smartphones created with the use of lithium in conjunction with an electrolyte based on polymeric materials used since the early 90-ies, and today was the limit of this technology. Of course, there is hope for the future. Researchers are studying new technologies, like solid-state batteries, which offer greater capacity for mobile devices of the future, and to make them more secure.

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However, there is one catch: by the time when the batteries will be created and released to the world market, smartphones will become even more advanced and require even more capacity that will bring us back to the same day to the battery life. It seems that this “curse” will accompany a smartphone forever.

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