Eternal themes: the TOP 5 best adaptations of Shakespeare’s plays

According to legend, today, April 23 – Shakespeare’s birthday

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Вечные темы: ТОП-5 лучших экранизаций пьес Шекспира


William Shakespeare was and remains one of the most talented and mysterious playwright and poet, which Kenneth Branagh took a dramatic film. One legend claims that Shakespeare was born on April 23, but year of birth is difficult (they write that he was born sometime between 1564 and 1616). In different sources it is stated that the poet was born and died on the same day – April 23 and baptized on 26 April.

Shakespeare is not only translated into different languages, but also successfully filmed. Today.Lifestyle offers to remember the most famous and successful film adaptation of the plays of William Shakespeare.

“Romeo and Juliet” (1996)

The film with Leonardo DiCaprio and Claire Danes in the lead roles. Delivered by Australian film Director baz Luhrmann. The painting is an interpretation of Shakespeare’s play, “Romeo and Juliet”. This is the story of two teenagers, against love which was the feud between their gang families. The film moved to the present day, on the streets of American cities, which are being shootouts; the text of the replicas of Shakespeare’s play is almost completely preserved.

“Merchant of Venice”, (2004)

In this film adaptation starred al Pacino, Joseph Fiennes, Jeremy irons – agree, all-stars. The plot of the play revolves around two eternal themes – love and anti-Semitism. In a movie about medieval Venice a dramatic intertwined stories of the Jewish moneylender Shylock and the merchant of Venice Antonio. The sanguine Venetians always gloomy dislike of Shylock, and at the first opportunity, he will avenge all the inhabitants of Venice, if only for the way is light and selfless love.

“Richard III” (1995)

The classic Shakespearean play a little interpreted and displayed in the decorations of the 30-ies of XX century. Thanks to the magnificent play of the actors (Ian McKellen, Annette Benning, Robert Downey Jr. Maggie Smith), even in small roles, this film adaptation is commendable. And though commercial success the picture had not, but received positive reviews from critics and was awarded the Silver bear at the Berlinale for best Director.

“Othello” (1995)

“Othello” was the directorial debut for Oliver Parker. The film gained the love of fans because of the stellar acting trio: charismatic Othello performed by Lawrence Fishborne, charming Desdemona (Irene Jacob) and sly Iago (Kenneth Branagh).

“The dream in summer night” (1999)

The film starred Michelle Pfeiffer, Stanley Tucci, Rupert Everett, Sophie Marceau, Christian bale. This romantic film resembles a fairy tale for adults. Modernized version of Shakespeare’s Comedy opens to the viewer the Italy of the nineteenth century. What can cause Cycling in a magical forest, love potion and spat the king and Queen of the fairies learn by watching the film adaptation, which is considered one of the best.

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