Ethiopia denies attacking Sudan, blames rebels

Ethiopia denies attacking Sudan, blames the rebels

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Addis Ababa | Ethiopia has denied carrying out an attack over the weekend in a disputed border region with Sudan, blaming Tigray rebels the government has been fighting for more than a year. & nbsp;

On Saturday evening, the Sudanese army announced the death of “several” of its soldiers in the region of Al-Fashaga, fertile land which is the subject of a border conflict between Addis Ababa and Khartoum, after the attack, according to her, on armed groups and militias linked to the Ethiopian army.

But Ethiopian government spokesman Legesse Tulu on Sunday called the statements “baseless”.

Conversely, Legesse blamed the attack on the Front Liberation of the People of Tigray (TPLF), with which it has been at war since November 2020 and which threatens to march on the capital Addis Ababa. & nbsp;

“A large group of insurgents, bandits and terrorists have entered (from Sudan),” the spokesperson told the Ethiopian Broadcasting Corporation (EBC) official channel, without giving further details. & Nbsp; & nbsp;

“The Ethiopian army and local militias destroyed them,” he added. & nbsp;

Mr. Legesse also claimed that the TPLF was training in Sudan and received support from “foreign sponsors”, which he did not specify. & Nbsp;

Although Ethiopian farmers settled in the Al-Fashaga area for decades, Sudanese troops did not deploy there until after the outbreak of the conflict in Tigray, to “reclaim the stolen territories”. Addis Ababa considers it an invasion. & Nbsp;

However, Mr. Legesse asserted that Ethiopia wishes to resolve this problem peacefully. & Nbsp;

“The Ethiopian army does not plan to carry out an attack on any sovereign country whatsoever, ”he stressed. & nbsp;

“There is land that Sudanese forces have invaded. The government is working to resolve (the dispute) in a peaceful manner, through dialogue and negotiation. ”

Since Mr. Abiy sent the federal army to Tigray (North, bordering Sudan) to removing the authorities from the TPLF, who defied his authority, the conflict spread to the neighboring regions of Amhara and Afar.

Marked by atrocities and famine, the war has left several thousand dead and more than two million displaced.

Last week, Mr. Abiy, Nobel Peace Prize 2019, announced his departure to the front, to lead the cons -offensive. & nbsp;

On Sunday, EBC claimed that the Afar army and special forces captured the locality of Chifra there.

The surroundings of Chifra were the scene of intense fighting in recent weeks, the TPLF seeking according to sources to take control in this area of ​​a critical highway for the supply of Addis Ababa. & nbsp;

A source within of TPLF said on Monday that the fighting “continued”.

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