eTwinning abolishes borders and brings together students from Mende, Greece and Italy on the same project

eTwinning abolishes borders and brings together students from Mende, Greece and Italy on the same project

Un projet mené depuis le lycée Chaptal par-delà les frontières. DR – DR

Thirty-four students from Chaptal high school participated in this project led by English teachers in three countries, France, Greece and Italy.

In this 2023-2024 school year, the second S1 class at Chaptal high school, in Mende, participated in an eTwinning project. This system allowed three English teachers from different European countries to collaborate and get their students to cooperate on a current theme, affecting the whole world.

The thirty-four French high school students (aged 15 to 16) conducted activities with twelve Greek students (aged 11 to 12) from Volos and twenty Italian students (aged 9 to 10) from Castions di Zoppola, 100 km from Venice. The groups were guided respectively by Anne Pourquier, Georgia Maneta and Silvia De Piero.

On the theme of the Olympic Games

This partnership helped participants of different ages acquire knowledge and learn English while having fun on a current theme of the Paris 2024 Olympic Games. Georgia Maneta began by offering a slideshow on the Ancient Greek Games, then the French students conducted research on the modern Olympic Games with Baron Pierre de Coubertin and women and men athletes from around the world in the various Olympic disciplines, proposing activities accessible to the youngest to pass on this knowledge to them. They thus carried out presentations and questionnaires online or even performed skits, written by them, during a video call to make people guess names of sports to their young partners.

All activities were carried out within eight teams made up of several students from each country, creating cohesion between the three participating countries and making it possible to test the knowledge acquired through a system of tournament and counting points to, ultimately, create a real team and competitive spirit, reminiscent of the Olympics, both very inspiring and a good atmosphere.

An international team

To conclude on this beautiful project, its title "GIFP as a GIFT", proposed by the French students and chosen by their Greek and Italian partners, means "Greek, Italian and French Partners as a Great International Famous Team", that is to say "Greek, Italian and French partners for a renowned international team". international community in which perseverance, mutual aid and surpassing oneself reigned supreme.

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