Eugene the cat admitted, jealous of his wife to the partner on “Dancing with the stars”

Евгений Кот признался, ревнует ли его жена к партнерше по "Танцам со звездами"

Eugene the cat and Ksenia Mishina

today, 09:37

A famous dancer Yevgeny kot, who is now involved in the project “Dances with stars z,” admitted his wife is reacting and not jealous if the partner around the floor. He told about it in the comments Katya Osadchaya for “social life”.

Dancer said that he is trying to fall in love with Ksenia Mishina. Such feelings could really help on the floor to add to the dance, more passion.

Евгений Кот признался, ревнует ли его жена к партнерше по "Танцам со звездами"

Kot said that his wife Natalia Tatarintseva refers to the whole situation with great understanding and experiencing jealousy. She even came to the first esters to support Eugene, but it has now ceased due to the fact that she was constantly talking about a possible novel Eugene with a partner.

Actress Ksenia Mishina told me that she personally knows the wife of his partner and feels for her respect. In addition, she admits that it’s great that Natalia understands what the project is and that art should not be jealous.

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“I have persistent venues, new partners, I’ve learned to control myself. There are certain rules,” – said Ksenia.

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