Euro 2024: 11 million viewers for the round of 16 between France and Belgium

Euro 2024: 11 million viewers for the round of 16 between France and Belgium


Quelque 11 millions de téléspectateurs ont suivi la courte victoire de la France contre la Belgique (1-0) en huitième de finale de l'Euro-2024 de football, lundi sur TF1, selon les chiffres de Médiamétrie publiés mardi.

This audience of exactly 10.99 million viewers is significantly higher than that of the Blues' previous match, broadcast at the same time of 6:00 p.m., on June 25 against Poland in the first round (9.3 million viewers). viewers, 1-1).

Previously, the first two matches of the France team, against Austria on June 17 (1-0) then the Netherlands on the 21st (0-0) , had attracted 11.2 and 10.2 million viewers respectively. They were scheduled for 9:00 p.m., a more favorable time. The match against Austria had been the best audience on French television since the start of the year.

France-Belgium achieved an audience share of 56.5%, which means that more than half of the viewers watching TV at this time were watching it.

Lower audiences linked to political news

France will face Portugal in the quarter-finals, Friday at 9:00 p.m. So far, the Blues' matches at this Euro, broadcast by TF1 or M6, seem to have lower audiences than the previous edition in 2021, even if the figures cannot be strictly compared because Médiamétrie has made evolve its measurement system in the meantime.

This difference is largely attributed to the intense political news, with the early legislative elections, which may have reduced the media exposure of the Euro.< /p>

In 2021, the elimination of France in the round of 16 against Switzerland on penalties was followed by more than 16.3 million viewers.

The Blues' first three matches at Euro-2021, against Germany, Hungary then Portugal, had respectively attracted 15.1 million, 12.3 million and 15.6 million viewers.

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