Euro 2024: at what time and on which channel to watch the round of 16 between Germany and Denmark

Euro 2024: at what time and on which channel to watch the round of 16 between Germany and Denmark

Wirtz et la Mannschaft devront se méfier. EPA – CHRISTOPHER NEUNDORF

Facing Denmark in the round of 16 of its Euro-2024 in Dortmund on Saturday (9 p.m.), Julian Nagelsmann's Germany has the opportunity to regain its status as a feared nation in major tournaments, which has evaporated since the World Cup 2018 and three missed competitions.

Since its semi-final of Euro-2016 in France, lost in Marseille against the host country (2-0), Germany has not no longer tasted the joys of a quarter-final of a major competition.

Eight years, an eternity for the Mannschaft! Title holder when she arrived in Russia in 2018, she saw her tournament end in the group stage, ending identically four and a half years later in Qatar for the 2022 World Cup. In the meantime, she stopped in the round of 16 of Euro-2021 against England. Three major tournaments in a row without Germany in the final four is unheard of since 1954.

Denmark qualified at the last minute

Gary Lineker's famous phrase, brought out at every opportunity, "And in the end, it's Germany that wins& ;quot;, took a big hit. It is to restore its image that Germany sets out on Saturday in search of a ticket for the quarter-finals, in one of the legendary stadiums of German football, the Westfalenstadion renamed for Euro 2024 "BVB Stadion Dortmund".

With only two goals scored (far from Germany's eight) and three draws in the first round (1-1 against Slovenia then England, 0-0 against Serbia), the Danes took second place in their group at the last minute (in fair play!). They showed their defensive solidity but also their limits in attack, like their match against the Serbs and their difficulty in creating dangerous opportunities for the opponent.

The meeting will be broadcast simultaneously on TF1 and beIN Sports 1, at 9 p.m.

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