Euro 2024: Denmark slows down England, one of the big favorites of the competition

Euro 2024: Denmark slows down England, one of the big favorites of the competition

Harry Kane avait ouvert la marque très rapidement. MAXPPP – Arne Dedert

The English and Danes were unable to decide between themselves after 90 minutes. The draw (1-1) is ultimately logical.

England was held to a draw by Denmark (1-1) on Thursday in Frankfurt and will have to wait until the last match to validate their qualification for the round of 16 of the Euro- 2024. With four points, England leads Group C ahead of Denmark (2 points), Slovenia (2 pts) and Serbia (1 pt).

The English will play their qualification against Slovenia on the third and final day. In the first match, the "Three Lions" had secured the essentials by beating Serbia 1-0, thanks to a headed goal from star Jude Bellingham. They then let time slip away without conceding a Serbian goal.

The plan didn't work this time. It all started well though. As against the Serbs, the English scored in the first half hour, this time through serial scorer Harry Kane. On his right lane, the moped Kyle Walker took advantage of an error from his opposite number Kristiansen to serve the Bayern Munich striker in the area, who only had to conclude with composure with the flat of the left foot (18th).

Silent Lions

Dominant at the start of the match, the English were logically rewarded with Kane's 64th goal for selection. Because they could have already opened the score during a first alert from Phil Foden, already served by Walker, but whose shot flew away (13th). After the goal, however, England stopped playing. Denmark relied on their metronome Christian Eriksen to take control of the ball against the prostrate English. A first attempt by Wolfsburg striker Jonas Wind was blocked (32nd), but two minutes later, the Red and White equalized. And with style.

Taking advantage of a loss of Kane's lunar ball in his defense, Morten Hjulmand charged from thirty meters with a superb dry strike. Flashed at 114 km/h, the ball entered with the help of the post. Nice reference to the nickname of the selection, the Danish Dynamites. Apart from a low strike on Foden's post (56th), the English lions made little roar during a second half with little action.

For Denmark, already dangerous before the break (44th), Pierre-Emile Højbjerg again worried Jordan Pickford in the 73rd minute, but the English goalkeeper was on the trajectory. If they want to maintain their position as favorites of the competition, England will have to show a new face on Tuesday against the Slovenes.

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