Euro 2024: “My biggest mistake”, when the France-Spain referee was arrested and suspected of having links with organized crime

The Slovenian referee of the semi-final, this Tuesday July 9 between the Blues and Spain, Slavko Vincic was suspected in May 2020 of having links with the great banditry. He was ultimately quickly exonerated.

Referee of the semi-final between the French team and Spain this Tuesday, June 9 (9 p.m.), Slavko Vincic has been a referee recognized at the European level for several years. The 44-year-old man with the whistle notably officiated this year in the Champions League final. However, his career has had its ups and downs.

Vincic's career is marked by an extra-sporting affair that occurred in May 2020. The Slovenian referee was arrested by police in Bosnia-Herzegovina during a raid linked to cases of drug trafficking and pimping. He was arrested with 25 other men and nine women, before being exonerated.

Heard as a witness

"I found myself at this ranch by chance. I accepted a lunch invitation, which turned out to be my biggest mistake. I have nothing to do with the arrested group", explained the international referee. Slavko Vincic was finally heard as a witness without being disturbed by the courts and UEFA.

Since the start of the competition, he has officiated during two matches, during Hungary-Switzerland (1-3) and between Spain and Italy (1-0). Let's hope that this time, the man with the whistle will not bring luck to the Spanish.

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