Euro 2024: Ousmane Dembélé and Antoine Griezmann, two cases to be dealt with very quickly for the France team

Euro 2024: Ousmane Dembélé and Antoine Griezmann, two cases to be dealt with very quickly for the France team

Les deux rencontres livrées par Ousmane Dembélé n'ont pas été à la hauteur des attentes. MAXPPP – SPORTPIXPRESS

One misses opportunities, the other almost everything he tries. And for the France team, this could quickly become a problem. If they play, Ousmane Dembélé and Antoine Griezmann, essential elements of the offensive animation of the Blues, have a meeting against Poland, this Tuesday, June 25 (6 p.m.), to sweep away any doubts.

Dembélé, destabilizing destabilizer

"Ousmane, nothing affects him", swears Aurélien Tchouaméni. To see "Dembouz" always so sunny in training, you probably have to believe the Blues community. However, despite a successful season in Paris, the 27-year-old winger (46 caps, 5 goals) gives the feeling of no longer succeeding in making a difference. As proof, his first period against the Netherlands was mediocre.

Problem, in this asymmetrical system put in place against the Batavians, in which he finds himself the only winger, his role as destabilizer is essential. In the end, he did not destabilize anything, except his status with the general public and undoubtedly part of his credit with the staff.

"He’is an exceptional player. He is very important because he creates a lot of chances. This type of player, he will succeed but fail, that's the game. We are very happy with what he produces", nevertheless assures Tchouaméni. First defender of an element whose main success after two meetings is the lack of consistency of the competition.

Kingsley Coman, who entered against Holland, is coming off a long injury and was spared on Saturday. While Kolo Muani, despite encouraging performances in blue, had a difficult season at PSG. Can one of them replace Dembélé this Tuesday??

Griezmann, a flame to rekindle

"Long live the Republic !" In 2018 in Russia, then in 2022 in Qatar, Antoine Griezmann (33 years old, 131 caps, 44 goals) not only hosted the heart of the game but the press conferences too, with certain lines that have become cult . In Germany, "Grizou" appears extinct behind the scenes as well as on the pitch.

His two failures against the Netherlands, despite a successful first half, and his very discreet first match against Austria pointed to a real decline in form and performance. rsquo;influence. "Nothing alarming", said the person concerned about a lack of success totally contrary to his season with Atlético de Madrid (48 matches, 24 goals).

Does the positioning in blue, higher than during the 2022 World Cup, and closer to its role at Euro 2016, require a period of adaptation? Unlikely since "it’is a little more the style of my position" among the Colchoneros , described Griezmann himself.

Does he just need to rekindle the flame ? "He's fine. He may have slept a little badly because yesterday he lost at 2K (basketball video game, Editor's note) against Kylian< /em> (Mbappé)", smiled Tchouaméni, about a "primary player"& nbsp;for the Blues. "I have complete confidence in him", assured Deschamps before the Netherlands.

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