Euro 2024: stiff neck for Coman, Saliba misses the bus, audiences down but high… News from the French team

Euro 2024: stiff neck for Coman, Saliba misses the bus, audiences down but high... News from the French team

Kingsley Coman a été victime d'un torticolis. EPA – ANNA SZILAGYI

Alors que l’ailier souffre du cou, le défenseur des Bleus a manqué le bus du retour, mardi 25 juin après un France-Pologne qui a bien moins séduit les téléspectateurs.

Coman was unable to play against Poland due to a stiff neck

Kingsley Coman was unable to come into play during France – Poland (1-1), Tuesday. The fault is a stiff neck, according to L’Equipe. Furthermore, the winger still felt pain in his calf, which forced the staff to take it easy on him during the training match last Saturday. It remains to be seen whether the Bayern Munich player will be included in the round of 16 on Monday.

Saliba missed the bus for a doping test

The defender of the France team, William Saliba, experienced a small setback. On Tuesday, he was delayed by doping control and missed the blue return bus, according to L’Équipe. Saliba finally left Signal Iduna Park and Dortmund more than an hour and a half after his partners.

Audiences down but high

More than 9.3 million viewers watched the France – Poland on TF1 (1-1), according to figures from Médiamétrie, Wednesday. The Blues' previous Euro matches had higher audiences (11.2 for Austria and 10.2 for the Netherlands), but they were scheduled for 9 p.m., a more favorable schedule.

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