Euro 2024: “These two opportunities that remain in my feet”… the regrets of the Blues after the draw against the Netherlands

Euro 2024: “These two opportunities that remain in my feet”… the regrets of the Blues after the draw against the Netherlands

Antoine Griezmann a eu deux belles occasion en première mi-temps. En vain. EPA – FILIP SINGER

Always ineffective in front of goal, the players of the France team railed against their lack of lucidity, like Antoine Griezmann, who had two huge chances.

After being held in check by the Netherlands (0-0) this Friday June 21 in Leipzig in their second match of Group D of Euro 2024, the Blues obviously railed about their lack of effectiveness.

"I’have two chances left in my hands, lamented Antoine Griezmann, who failed twice everything close to the goal. It's a shame but it reflects what we've been missing for two matches. We have to work on it because technically and tactically we are pretty good. It's going to happen!"

Deschamps : "five chances that should have made the difference"

Same observation for Didier Deschamp who regrets "the lack of efficiency in a match of a very high level and great intensity. We had at least five clear chances which should have allowed us to make the difference while the Netherlands were more cautious than usual."

The Blues coach again regretted "these 36 hours of recovery less than the opponent after the first match which perhaps weighed even if we responded on an athletic level."

Tchouaméni: "We hope that Kylian will come back soon"

The boss of the tricolors did not comment on Kylian Mbappé's abilities to start during the decisive match against Poland on Tuesday June 25 at 6 p.m. The French's favorite striker, hit in the nose against Austria, remained on the bench this Friday against the Netherlands.

"Obviously Kylian, he's one of the best players in the world so a player like that who's not on the field that we miss, recognized French midfielder Aurélien Tchouaméni. Afterwards, there are also players who performed very well. We hope that he will come back with us as soon as possible."

Van Dijk: "For me the goal was valid"

In the Dutch ranks, we obviously pointed the finger at this goal refused by the English referee M. Taylor for an offside by Dumfries on the goal line. "For me, it's a worthy goal, from what I's seen from behind. But it was not granted. It's a shame, regretted Virgil van Dijk.

"We were able to come out well on counterattacks on several occasions, but one point is good. We are not losing and we have everything in hand", added the defender and captain of the Netherlands. 

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