Euro 2024: Without trembling against Hungary, Germany offers itself a second success and already qualification

Euro 2024: Without trembling against Hungary, Germany offers itself a second success and already qualification

Les Allemands sont au rendez-vous. – MAXPPP

Germany beat Hungary 2-0 on Wednesday in Stuttgart, after sweeping Scotland 5-1 in the opener, and positions itself as sole leader of Group A of Euro-2024 , while waiting for the Scotland-Switzerland match at 9 p.m. Jamal Musiala, the new darling of the German public, opened the scoring (1-0, 22nd) and captain Ilkay Gündogan doubled the lead after the break (2 -0.67th).

After years of lean times, the five-time world champions were to confirm the improvement that had appeared in recent weeks.

The result of this second match against Hungary could depend not only on their status as favorite but, more importantly, the enthusiasm of an entire country, impatient to find a competitive national team. Coach Julian Nagelsmann had retained the same starting lineup as against Scotland, but the opposition was much more solid. Hungary wanted to redeem itself after its non-match against Switzerland (1-3), and avoid a premature exit from the tournament. After ten seconds of play, Manuel Neuer saved Germany from a catastrophic start by coming out at the feet of Roland Sallai.

The tone was set. The match was open, intense and punctuated by several chances on both sides. Munich's Musiala was the first to crack the opposing defense. Served behind in the area by Gündogan, following a mix-up in the Hungarian defense, he followed up an oriented control and a victorious shot (1-0). But Hungary did not give up.

Already qualified in the 8th finals

A few minutes later, Neuer released an alien trigger to push a direct free kick from Dominik Szoboszlai (26th) into the top corner. The mano a mano continued after the break. Peter Gulacsi, the Hungarian goalkeeper, also stood out on a shot from Toni Kroos (56th). Barnabas Varga narrowly missed the target with his header while Neuer was beaten (59th). But Gündogan, passer on the first goal, doubled the lead with an uncontrolled recovery at the penalty point, at the conclusion of a collective school action, with one touch ball (2-0, 67th).

The end of the match turned to the Germans' advantage, but the Hungarian defense held firm. For the Magyars, it will now take a combination of circumstances to hope to get out of the group. Germany, on the other hand, fulfilled the first part of its contract by qualifying.

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