Euro 2024: “Worried”, Blues defender Ibrahima Konaté calls for “not giving power” to those who want to “divide people”

Euro 2024: “Worried”, Blues defender Ibrahima Konaté calls for “not giving power” to those who want to “divide people”

Ibrahima Konaté a parlé des élections législatives en conférence de presse. MAXPPP – Alexandre MARCHI

Le défenseur de l’équipe de France s’est longuement exprimé sur les élections législatives et la situation politique en France, ce samedi 29 juin en conférence de presse.

In recent days, the subject had been a little less agitated at the press conferences of the Blues. Ibrahima Konaté, invited to appear before the media this Saturday, did not miss the opportunity. Like Marcus Thuran or Kylian Mbappé before him, the defender mentioned the legislative elections, before the first round this Sunday. And used strong words.

“I am worried about what is happening in France. We cannot leave power to certain people who are in the spirit of dividing people”, explained the Liverpool player, a substitute during this Euro. “Diversity in France is our strength and it’s always been. I have an immigrant background. When I hear everything that is said on social networks or TV channels, the media have a very important role and unfortunately sometimes they don't do it well, they ride on fear"< /em>, he continued, pointing to "a minority (which) causes harm to the majority".

"My parents had tough jobs"

Born in the 13th arrondissement of Paris, the player with Malian roots wanted to talk about his personal experience. “My parents had hard jobs as garbage collectors, cleaners, they worked impossible hours and we don't highlight these kinds of people even though they gave their health for France. It saddens me”, Konaté whispered.

On the eve of the first round of the Legislative elections, the 25-year-old man is still adamant. “France is a magnificent country”, he said.

“You have to go and meet people”

“But you have to go and meet people, through appearances, skin colors there are hearts and that's the most important thing. Today, you can't make a puzzle with the same pieces, you need different pieces to make something solid. In this room, there is a wonderful diversity and everyone is happy and I think that is the most important thing today for France".

Konaté concluded with a call for votes and a message of hope. "I encourage everyone to go and vote, I know it is something personal and I am not going to tell people what to do but we must be together in all circumstances. Life is short, it is beautiful and we must not be divided. It will only bring harm to everyone and to future generations who will come. I prefer that we enjoy ourselves together, that we have a good time and that we are not in division".

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