Europe learns how to reconcile wave of heat and coronavirus

L’Europe apprend à concilier vague de chaleur et coronavirus

From Seville to Stockholm, the mercury should still be in a panic on Wednesday, the second day of a heat wave which affected the whole of Europe, at the risk of not being able to comply with all the precautionary measures to avoid a new outbreak of coronavirus.

More than 35 degrees are expected in the south of Spain and Portugal and the scandinavian countries should exceptionally see the thermometer more than 30 degrees celsius.

This increase of temperatures due to a warm air mass coming from Africa is the first genuine peak of heat since the arrival of the coronavirus in the lives of Europeans.

It is, however, an “episode short” who should not take, explained the meteorologist Cristina Simoes to the agency Lusa.

On Tuesday, the beaches and parks of the main cities of the continent have been taken by assault, despite the calls to detachment physical.

The European competition of ideas for enjoying the sun: in Milan, a city particularly affected by the epidemic, some of the residents have invested a “range” of grass in the middle of skyscrapers, while in Seville, the river Guadalquivir, has seen canoe enthusiasts come to refresh.

In Great Britain, where one could approach the record of 35.9 degrees for the month of June established in 1976, the authorities are afraid not to be able to uphold the rule of two meters of distance between people.

Vulnerable people including the elderly, the already highly at risk in the face of the Covid-19 are again threatened. Worry the social workers who call in don’t forget these people often caulked home.

“This may be more difficult to find someone who needs help,” emphasises Caroline Abrahams, director of charity Age UK.

In Sweden, the public agency of health has recommended against the use of fans in retirement homes, to prevent the spread of the virus.

Faced with the risk that hot weather poses to older people, the agency recommended the installation of air-conditioning or blinds for shade.

By strong heat, actions of prevention are needed : to drink regularly, cool off by wetting his body and stay cool.

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