Europe were forbidden to produce smartphones without removable battery

European Union legislators will soon force manufacturers to simplify the replacement of the batteries of smartphones

Evgeniy Opanasenko

Today, 09:45

Remember when almost every phone and smart phone had a removable back cover and removable battery? In 2020 it is rare even for the budget segment. But soon everything can change. In February, the EU forced Apple to change the charging port of the iPhone, and now plans to introduce another ban manufacturers who want to sell their products in Europe. European Union legislators want to oblige companies to produce smartphones with easily replaceable battery.

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The Dutch financial newspaper Het Financieele Dagblad reported that the plan of the bill covers phones, tablets and even wireless headphones. Since the replacement of batteries in modern smartphones are extremely difficult and risky operation, the EU considers that the initiative for easy replacement prolong the service life of the devices, thereby creating less e-waste. Now, few people will care about replacing the battery – it is easier to buy a new smartphone and do not contact service for installation of a new battery, especially in inexpensive models.

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Only a few weeks ago, the EU voted to force manufacturers to adopt a single standard charging port in the face of USB Type-C, as another way of reducing electronic waste. Apple, which still uses the Lightning connector for its iPhone, not pleased with this decision and argues that it “stifles innovation” and will cause inconvenience to millions of people.

We will remind that earlier the EU wanted to ban the use of the main functions of the iPhone. And the owners of electric vehicles confessed about the problems in the operation of the batteries.

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Европа запретит производить смартфоны без сменного аккумулятора

Европа запретит производить смартфоны без сменного аккумулятора

Европа запретит производить смартфоны без сменного аккумулятора

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