European elections: for the RN a new historic breakthrough in Gard, eight points more

European elections: for the RN a new historic breakthrough in Gard, eight points more

Julien Sanchez, dimanche, à la mairie de Beaucaire. DR

Avec huit points de plus, le RN conforte sa place de leader dans le Gard. Le département, qui avait envoyé quatre députés sur six possibles à l’Assemblée nationale en 2020, peut espérer grignoter encore du terrain lors des législatives des 30 juin et 7 juillet prochains.

Better than in 2019: on conquered ground, the RN led by Jordan Bardella gained more than eight points, at 40.42%, ahead of the PS of Raphaël Glucksmann (12 .20%) and the list of LREM Valérie Hayer (11.20%). Jordan Bardella had already come first in 2019, at 32.11%.

Le Gard thus sends two deputies to the European Parliament: Julien Sanchez, 17th on the list led by Jordan Bardella, who will abandon his chair as mayor of Beaucaire, and Sylvie Josserand from Nîmes, lawyer, 26th on the RN list.

The RN consolidates its stronghold and gains another 8 points in Gard

The results confirm the breakthrough of the RN in the Gard, while the 2022 presidential election had already confirmed the hold of the extreme right on the department, Marine Le Pen was at 52, 15% ahead of Emmanuel Macron and the RN had sent four deputies to the National Assembly out of the six places to be taken.

In slight decline in the departmental elections of June 2021, where he lost one of the two cantons won in 2015, Vauvert, to the benefit of the Union of the Left (but kept Beaucaire), the extreme right has been gaining points ever since. Sunday’s election confirms this.

The other parties

In 2024, the leading trio in the European elections, RN (32.11%), LREM (18.51%), EELV (11.32%) , gives way to the trio RN (40.42%), PS (12.20%), LREM (11.20%).

In 2019, the PS list of the same Glucksmann was at 5.4%. The environmentalists of EELV are this time swept aside: Marie Toussaint's list is at 3.98%.

Better than in 2020 in the next legislative elections?

Organized in the wake of the presidential elections which gave, in 2022, 52.15% to Marine Le Pen ahead of Emmanuel Macron (47.85%), the legislative elections confirmed, two years ago, the breakthrough from the RN to the presidential elections.

The far right had won four of the six possible constituencies, and qualified in five duels, achieving net scores: 52, 01 % for Yoan Gillet on the first, 56.65 % for Nicolas Meizonnet on the second, 51.32 % for Pascale Bordes on the third, 54.49  nbsp;% for Pierre Meurin on the fourth.

Only Michel Sala (LFI) had won his duel with an RN candidate in the fifth.

With its score of June 9, the RN this time arrives strengthened in the elections of June 30 and July 7.

What the city vote says two years from the municipal elections

In his town of Beaucaire, Julien Sanchez and the RN list take five points, at 52.81% of the votes (the RN was at 47.83% in 2019). Alone, Manon Aubry (LFI) crossed the 10% mark in the city, at 13.46%.

In 2019 the RN was at 24.43% at Nîmes, LR had taken a "slap", in 4th position. Here again, the RN gains five points, to 29.82%. And the LR list of François-Xavier Belamy, at 6.08%, is in sixth position. Something to worry about LR ? In 2020, Jean-Paul Fournier Jean-Paul Fournier was elected for the fourth time with 41.96 % of the votes. Yoan Gillet (32.06%) was then far away, in fourth position.

Plus five points in the Gard sub-prefecture again for the RN: at Alès, on the lands of Max Roustan, the RN is at 36.83% (it was at 30.32% in 2019 and does not repeat its presidential score, at 48.35%). This time he is ahead of LFI (13.36%) and LREM (11.35%). The cards were reshuffled: LREM was at 18.75%, and EELV at 9.21%.

A Bagnols-sur-Cèze, Bardella's RN list is at 41.10% ahead of LFI (13.29%) and the PS (11.48%). In 2019, the RN, in the lead in the city's 12 polling stations, was at 34.78% but EELV achieved the surprise score of 7.35%. This time, Marie Toussaint is at 2.45%. Mayor Jean-Yves Chapelet, supported by LREM, was re-elected in 2020 against RN Corine Martin, at 37.33%, a score "unprecedented" in Bagnols-sur-Cèze. "This is not trivial", the candidate said. Especially since two years later, Marine Le Pen took the lead for the first time in the second round of the presidential election, gaining 8 points in five years.

The new RN score is not trivial, while Jean-Yves Chapelet is on a so-called ’alert" bracelet, four months after the RN’ expulsion of imam Mahjoub Mahjoubi. In a context

A Pont Saint-Esprit, the RN increases its 2019 score by 7 points and totals 46.86% of the votes. Mayor Jérôme Bouvier (without a label), elected in the first round of the municipal partial election organized on April 29, had nevertheless largely won with 50.32% of the votes. voice, leaving far behind the list "Renouveau spiripontain" of Emmanuel Le Pargneux of the National Rally (34.55% of the votes).

At La Grand Combe, the Communist Party list of Léon Deffontaines comes first with 29.17% of the votes, ahead by 92 voice the RN list, Raphaël Glucksmann (18.74%) is third. EELV, which was at 10.11% in 2019, collapsed with 1.37% of the votes.

A Vauvertthe RN, at 47.87% (42.46% in 2019) also puts pressure on the PS mayor Jean Denat, boss of the local PS and former president of the Departmental Council who was ahead by 83 small votes the RN Louis Meizonnet in the last municipal elections, in this Camargue territory very permeable to the extreme right.

No more municipalities, or almost no one, now escapes the pressure of the RN. 

Au Vigan, he is at 23.23%, PS Raphaël Glucksmann (17.95%) and Manon Aubry (LFI), at 17.76% are neck and neck. Valérie Hayer (Renaissance) at 11.80%

At Grau-du-Roi, he is at 51.90%, 10 points beyond his 2019 score (41.18%).

At Saint-Gilles, the RN stabilizes its strong score of 2019, at 43.87% (it was at 43, 81 %).

In 2019, only Uzès and Villeneuve-lès-Avignon placed LREM in the lead. This time, the RN is in the lead (26.79%) in Villeneuve and well ahead, again, in Uzès with 27.87% of the votes. The only bright spot in the sky for the left: in Grand-Combe, the Communist Party of Léon Deffontaines comes in first with 29.17% of the votes. 

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