European elections in Sète: the PCF and its allies in battle order

European elections in Sète: the PCF and its allies in battle order

Quelque 200 personnes ont assisté au meeting de la liste emmenée par les communistes. H.A.

Les candidats héraultais de la liste conduite par le communiste Léon Deffontaines tenaient un meeting samedi soir à la salle Brassens.

"A new gathering on the left". It is under this theme that the Hérault candidates from the list led by the communist Léon Deffontaines for the next European elections invited voters on Saturday evening to the Brassens room. Between 150 and 200 people traveled, from Pézenas, Béziers and even Sète, to listen to the Thau Bassin communist Yvan Garcia and the Montpellier resident, former LFI MP, Muriel Ressiguier. The duo received notable support from the new communist senator of Paris, Ian Brossat. In the assistance of local elected officials, trade unionists and activists like the Sétois of "Sète terre d’ welcome". François Liberti, former mayor of the city was of course at the organization with Jean-Luc Bou, former PCF municipal councilor.

"The Union of Lefts"

The latter began by explaining the usefulness of the European elections by recalling some victorious battles in favor of employment, citing the fight for Saipol in Sète. Ivan Garcia insisted on a "list of Union of Lefts", &quot ;diverse" which brings together personalities from associations, workers "listening to those who suffer". Affirming the refusal of "ultraliberal policies" of Europe. Peace and the ceasefire in Gaza and Ukraine were at the heart of the message. Muriel Ressiguier devoted a large part of her speech to the "threat of the extreme right", citing the presence of Eric Zemmour in Palavas, in a fragrant context "d& rsquo;a little feel of the 30s", she said.

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