“Eurovision 2019”: all the participants of the second semi-final and their songs

In the second semifinal of “Eurovision 2019” will be 18 participants

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March 22, 10:55

"Евровидение 2019": все участники второго полуфинала и их песни

All the participants of the second semifinal of “Eurovision 2019” and their songs

This year the international song contest “Eurovision” will be held in tel Aviv, Israel. The first semifinal will be held on may 14, the second may 16 and the final will determine the winner of “Eurovision 2019”, – may 18.

Ukraine will not participate in the International competition. NOTE are unable to agree with the winner of the national selection MARUV 2019, and the other finalists also refused to represent Ukraine at Eurovision this year.

Today.Shared Lifestyle informed the selection of participants of the first semi-final of the competition, and now we offer you to look at all participants of the second semifinal of “Eurovision 2019” and to listen to their songs.

In the second semifinal of “Eurovision 2019” will be 18 countries participating: Switzerland, Sweden, Austria, Moldova, Latvia, Denmark, Armenia, Romania, Ireland, Albania, Northern Macedonia, Norway, Russia, Netherlands, Croatia, Lithuania, Malta, Azerbaijan. All the contestants presented their songs, which will represent their country at Eurovision.

Luca Hanni – She Got Me (Switzerland)

Luca Hanni – the representative of Switzerland at the “Eurovision 2019”. 24-year-old artist is the winner of Bravo Otto in the category “Best singer” and “Superclassic”.

John Lundvik – Too Late For Love (Sweden)

The author and performer of songs John Lundvik in 2019 successfully played the song Too Late For Love, thanks to which will represent Sweden in the “Eurovision 2019” in tel Aviv.

PÆNDA (Gabriel horn) – Limits (Austria)

Singer, songwriter and producer PÆNDA will represent Austria at the contest “Eurovision 2019” ballad Limits. This song is also represented in her new album Evolution II. The song talks about how she broke all the boundaries in his zeal and passion for music.

Anna Odobesku – Stay (Moldova)

Anna Odobescu will represent Moldova at the “Eurovision 2019” in tel Aviv. Anna graduated from the Academy of music, theatre and fine arts in Chisinau and argues that finds peace and inner silence in music.

Carousel – That Night (Latvia)

Carousel is a Latvian indie-pop band from Riga, founded in 2015. The team will represent Latvia at “Eurovision 2019” in tel Aviv with the song That Night.

Leonora (Leonora Colmor Jepsen) – Love Is Forever (Denmark)

Leonora will perform the song Love is Forever tel Aviv. 20-the summer girl has many talents. Artist is three-time champion of Denmark in figure skating.

Srbuk (Srbuhi Sargsyan) – Walking Out (Armenia)

This year’s representative of Armenia at “Eurovision” is Srbuk, 24-year-old singer, writer and composer whose career started after she took second place in the first season of the popular TV show “X Factor Armenia” in 2011. Srbuhi Sargsyan studying music from early childhood and became one of the most popular stars of Armenia.

Esther Peony – On a Sunday (Romania)

25-year-old Alexander Cretu, known as Esther Peony, will represent Romania at the International competition. She is a singer and songwriter who is passionate about music since childhood.

Sarah Mcternan – 22 (Ireland)

25-year-old Sarah Mcternan took third place in the “Voice of Ireland” in April 2015. At the blind audition she sang the song “Who You Are” and all four judges turned around.

Jonida Maliqi – Ktheju tokës (Albania)

Jonida Maliqi will represent Albania at Eurovision this year. She graduated from the University of arts in Tirana and studied to play the violin and guitar. The artist won numerous prizes and awards, including won first place in several national children’s festivals in Albania.

Tamara Todevska – Proud (Northern Macedonia)

Tamara Todevska grew up in a family of musicians and first began performing at the age of 6 years. Now she will represent her country at the “Eurovision 2019” in tel Aviv.

KEiiNO – Spirit in the Sky (Norway)

KEiiNO – a group that combines electronic pop with Nordic folk melodies and joycam, a traditional form of song of the Sami people.

Sergey Lazarev – Scream (Russia)

Sergey Lazarev will represent Russia at the Eurovision song contest for the second time. He is one of the most famous artists in the country.

Duncan Lawrence – Arcade (Netherlands)

Duncan Lawrence will represent the Netherlands at the “Eurovision 2019” with the song Arcade. The artist explains: “I grew up in a city where music was not popular. She had no relation to the standard school system. But that didn’t keep me from creating music. We had a small local theatre and music school. I played the piano every day, wrote their own songs and poems. I remember this time like it was yesterday. I was sure I would become a musician”.

ROCO – The Dream (Croatia)

This year Croatia at the “Eurovision” will be represented by 19-year-old ROCO. The artist began his musical career at an early age, and, besides singing, he plays piano from 7 years. For many years he has participated in many national and international festivals and musical reality show.

Yuri Veklenko – Run With The Lions (Lithuania)

Yuri Veklenko is a well-known Lithuanian pop musician. He gained popularity thanks to the successful participation in several television shows such as “Lithuanian talent”, “Voice of Lithuania”.

Michela – Chameleon (Malta)

Michela will represent Malta at the song contest “Eurovision 2019” in tel Aviv. She had just turned 18, and voice actress described by many as a memorable and powerful. Michela enjoys a wide range of genres – from pop and country to soul.

Chingiz (Chingiz Mustafayev) – Truth (Azerbaijan)

Genghis will represent Azerbaijan at the Eurovision song contest this year. He was born in Moscow, but at the age of six years moved to Azerbaijan. He learned to play the guitar and began composing his own songs, while still a young boy.

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"Евровидение 2019": все участники второго полуфинала и их песни

"Евровидение 2019": все участники второго полуфинала и их песни

"Евровидение 2019": все участники второго полуфинала и их песни


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