Eurovision 2019: as the winner of the Duncan of Lawrence met in the Netherlands

At Amsterdam airport with a storm of applause greeted Duncan

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Евровидение 2019: как победителя Дункана Лоренса встречали в Нидерландах

Duncan Lawrence at Amsterdam airport

After the Grand finale of the Eurovision song contest in 2019 tel Aviv participants returned home. The winner of the song contest Duncan Lawrence also returned home to the Netherlands, where he was greeted with special joy, because the singer brought home home a statuette of the contest and thanks to him, Eurovision 2020 will be held in this country.

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At Amsterdam airport Schiphol, the winner with warm applause greeted the journalists, fans and his grandmother. The Dutch do not hold back emotions, thanked for the victory, gave flowers, and some even hold back tears. The actor looked happy, smiled at the audience and signing autographs.

Watch the video, Duncan Lawrence met at the airport in Amsterdam:

“I have no words to describe this victory. I can advise everyone what to believe and follow their dreams, because dreams come true! Everything was unexpected. Next year Eurovision will be held in our country! Yes!” shared singer the experienced Duncan Lawrence.

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Previously, we reported that the representative of the Netherlands may disqualify. The fact that the contest song Duncan Lawrence Arcade was published online in September 2017. At the same time, according to the rules of the competition, artists are allowed to participate in the Eurovision song contest in 2019, if the commercial release of their songs was held until September 1, 2018.

Later producer artist commented and justified for the song, which brought the Dutch victory.

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