Eurovision 2019: chronology, scandals and up to date details

In tel Aviv took place 64 the Eurovision song contest

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Eurovision 2019: the results show in one video

This year hosted the 64th song contest Eurovision. After last year’s victory, the representative of Israel to Netta Barzilai show was held in tel Aviv.

In 2019 the Eurovision song contest was attended by representatives of 41 countries. Not among them was Ukraine, as the NOTE did not agree with the winner of the national selection – MARUV. The other finalists, among which KAZKA and Freedom Jazz, also refused to represent Ukraine in the international arena.

It should be noted the refusal letter from the participation in the Eurovision song contest 2019 did not prevent the Ukrainians to be involved in the show. Among the main manifestations of Ukraine in the competition – the performance of Verka Serduchka and participation in the staging of Azerbaijan Ukrainian choreographer Bones, Tomilchenko. Many participants of the Eurovision 2019 famous Ukrainian show “voice of the country”.

In the final automatically included 5 representatives of the founding countries of the contest. It’s France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the UK. Kobe Marimi from Israel also came into the finals as the representative of the host country.

Евровидение 2019: хронология, скандалы и актуальные подробности

The Eurovision song contest from 2019 was held on 18 may

In the first semi-final were made by artists from 17 countries, the second from 18. In the finals, 10 participants in each semi-final. Thus, for the title of Eurovision winner in the Grand final fought 26 representatives of different countries.

The competition also acted as a guest star. Among them Verka Serduchka, who performed outrageous song Netta Barzilai – Tou.

Watch the performance of Verka Serduchka at the Eurovision song contest 2019 7 minutes:

Show gave the finalists and winners of the Eurovision song contest of different years. This Ukrainian artist Verka Serduchka, Conchita Wurst from Austria, Eleni, Furara from Greece, the Swede måns Zelmerlow and the representative of Israel at Eurovision 1979 Gali Atari. Together, the artists performed a sensual song Hallelujah.

The furor caused the appearance in the Grand final of the Eurovision song contest Madonna. The pop star sang the 1989 hit Like A Prayer. The actress also unveiled a new Future song which was performed together with the American rapper Quavo. For the performance, Madonna has received a half million dollars.

Eurovision is rarely complete without scandal, and this year in the unpleasant situation turned out to be Belarus, where points were cancelled. According to the rules, the vote of the jury takes place the day before the final, in this case on may 17. Scores are kept secret until just prior to the announcement of the results. However, the evaluation of judges from Belarus came into the net much earlier. As a result, Belarus was removed from the vote and 12 points from Republic in the final was not awarded to anyone.

The results of the scores by the international jury and audience voting, the winner was the representative of the Netherlands Duncan Lawrence with a sensual song Arcade. His total score was 492 points. It was him who was expected to win the bookmakers.

Евровидение 2019: хронология, скандалы и актуальные подробности

Eurovision 2019: the winner was Duncan Lawrence

Duncan 25 years, since childhood, he attended a local theatre and a music school, played the piano, wrote her own songs and poems. Earlier, the actor admitted that he is gay and happily in a relationship with a loved one.

After the victory of Duncan Lawrence at the Eurovision song contest broke out yet another scandal. Many believe that the contest results should be annulled. The fact that the contest song Duncan Lawrence Arcade was published online in September 2017.

According to the rules of the competition, artists are allowed to participate in the Eurovision song contest in 2019, if the commercial release of their songs was held until September 1, 2018. However, the actor explained that the rules were not violated, as a one-time live performance of the track is not considered an official release.

The Eurovision organizers investigated and no violations were found. The statuette remains the representative of the Netherlands Duncan Lawrence.

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