Eurovision 2019: Netta Barzilai presented the song you will be playing in the finals

Netta Barzilai perform in the final of the Eurovision song contest 2019

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Евровидение 2019: Нетта Барзилай представила песню, с которой выступит в финале

The Winner Of “Eurovision 2018” Netta Barzilai

Until the final 2019 there are only five days – on Saturday, may 18, we will know the name of the winner of Eurovision 2019. By the way, we already know who predict a victory for the bookmakers.

Last year at the Eurovision song contest won by the flamboyant singer Netta Barzilai song Toy, which in this time the contest is held in tel Aviv, Israel.

On the stage of the Eurovision Netta Barzilai will act as a guest star. In the finals, the singer will perform his winning song Toyas well as a new song Nana Banana, written by the Net, along with the Stav Behera and Nathan Gostom. Track Nana Banana was published a few days ago and has already gained almost a million views on YouTube.

Note, as a guest star on the Eurovision song contest in 2019 will also act Verka Serduchka, who will perform a song of Netta Barzilai – Toy. In addition, the competition appears Madonna, and already known an impressive amount of her fee.

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Recall, on 12 may was held the opening ceremony of the Eurovision 2019, on the orange carpet appeared the contestants. For details, see plot:

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