Eurovision 2019: organisers impose sanctions

The representatives of Iceland face a fine

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Евровидение 2019: организаторы вводят санкции

Icelandic group Hatari

After the Grand finale of the Eurovision song contest in 2019 tel Aviv participants returned home and passion of the song contest continues. First appeared information about the fact that the results may be canceled, organizers now say the introduction of sanctions.

How was the Eurovision song contest from 2019 in tel Aviv – see our story:

In an official statement, the European broadcasting Union said that political gestures directly contrary to the rules of the contest. Namely, during the speeches of the representatives of Iceland, a group of Hatari was shown live image of the Palestinian flag, which is strictly against the rules.

“During the live final of the Eurovision song contest the Eurovision song contest, the Icelandic group Hatari during the live broadcast showed images of the Palestinian flag, while in the green room. The Eurovision song contest is not a political event, and such actions are directly contrary to the rule of competition”, – said the organizers.

In accordance with the established rules, within the framework of Eurovision can be displayed the flags of the countries-members of the UN and the EU, and the flag of the LGBT community.

Also during a performance of American singer Madonna were shown the flag of Palestine. But, as noted by the official representative of the stars “appeal for peace” is not political.

Recall that the results of the scores by the international jury and audience voting, the winner was the representative of the Netherlands Duncan Lawrence with a sensual song Arcade. His total score was 492 points. It was him who was expected to win the bookmakers.

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